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The Gongman4016Jun 2022Jun 2022Feb 24
Being authentic...1,49754May 2022May 202218 mins ago
Gals, what does....69211Apr 2022Apr 2022Feb 22
Guys, what does...1,15124Apr 2022Apr 2022Feb 25
KRYON channellings ...43313Apr 2022Apr 2022Feb 22
Guys! Guys! Guys!5,900214Dec 2021Mar 202238 mins ago
What do you think would happen if ...1,16227Mar 2022Mar 202224 hrs ago
Happy Birthday FadedBlueJeans65317Feb 2022Feb 202221 hrs ago
Be a lady they said1,13632Feb 2022Feb 20229 hrs ago
For people who ....1,45727Jan 2022Jan 202218 hrs ago
Gaslighting3,777118Jan 2022Jan 202220 hrs ago
CS WINE BAR 20222,320138Jan 2022Jan 2022Feb 25
Intelligent Disobedience2,05179Dec 2021Dec 2021Feb 27
8 prominent Doctors and scientists ...4,528190Oct 2021Dec 202116 hrs ago
WOMEN ... what is your definition...1,13034Nov 2021Nov 2021Feb 27
Stigmatising...85524Nov 2021Nov 2021Feb 27
MEN... what is your definition...2,69878Nov 2021Nov 2021Feb 27
Went to bed ...5,514276Oct 2021Nov 202124 hrs ago
What did you ...4437Oct 2021Oct 2021Feb 20
Bald men V men with a toupée2,904115Jun 2021Jul 2021Feb 27
Don't give up ...4,235136Jan 2021Jul 202115 hrs ago
TALES of the unexpected ...1,41958Jan 2021Jul 2021Feb 21
TODAY'S MANTRA2,18583Jan 2021Mar 2021Feb 27
SAY...4,907172Feb 2021Mar 202119 hrs ago
Halcyon days ....1,16031Feb 2021Mar 2021Feb 23
Radio Garden67419Feb 2021Feb 2021Feb 18
I just ordered some...46416Jan 2021Jan 2021Feb 18
Grand conjunction Jupiter Saturn79528Dec 2020Dec 2020Feb 19
FAKE4,794185Nov 2020Nov 2020Feb 26
HATE ...12,252482Oct 2020Nov 20201 hrs ago
FULL MOON ...3,492170Oct 2020Nov 2020Feb 26
HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!1,46340Oct 2020Nov 2020Feb 26
ANIMAL TOTEMS60017Oct 2020Oct 2020Feb 27
I have recently "discovered" ...4,260160Oct 2020Oct 2020Feb 22
Why do men ... ?3,22384Oct 2020Oct 2020Feb 22
I just had one of the best...1,65862Oct 2020Oct 202024 hrs ago
Another great day....34311Oct 2020Oct 2020Feb 27
Who noticed...97925Sep 2020Sep 20202 hrs ago
Should threads about individual countries internal politics be in the International forums?2,20780Sep 2020Sep 2020Feb 21
Food Preserves90730Sep 2020Sep 2020Feb 26
No longer looking4,677122Feb 2020Sep 2020Feb 26
Half as much...1,26839Jan 2020Mar 2020Feb 26

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