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The Gongman2066Jun 10Jun 1111 hrs ago
Being authentic...1,01866May 30May 3111 hrs ago
Gals, what does....41514Apr 17Apr 1812 hrs ago
Guys, what does...63329Apr 17Apr 1812 hrs ago
Biological sexes and gender5,261394Mar 28Apr 512 hrs ago
Do you have the balls?87159Apr 1Apr 24 hrs ago
Cymatics ... A study of Wave phenomena and Vibration39727Apr 1Apr 212 hrs ago
KRYON channellings ...20813Apr 1Apr 112 hrs ago
HAPPY FATHERS DAY28214Mar 19Mar 2113 hrs ago
Guys! Guys! Guys!4,735240Dec 4Mar 86 hrs ago
Incredible meditation Study36713Mar 2Mar 510 hrs ago
What do you think would happen if ...74639Mar 1Mar 546 mins ago
Happy Birthday FadedBlueJeans38719Feb 17Feb 1814 hrs ago
Be a lady they said68343Feb 17Feb 1714 hrs ago
For people who ....1,01934Jan 9Jan 185 hrs ago
Gaslighting2,903159Jan 10Jan 1214 hrs ago
CS WINE BAR 20221,622144Jan 9Jan 118 hrs ago
Make a funny...51125Jan 2Jan 315 hrs ago
Intelligent Disobedience1,46085Dec 12Dec 1415 hrs ago
8 prominent Doctors and scientists ...3,524209Oct 2021Dec 123 hrs ago
At last....2212Dec 4Dec 415 hrs ago
WOMEN ... what is your definition...85336Nov 16Nov 266 hrs ago
Stigmatising...54426Nov 22Nov 233 hrs ago
MEN... what is your definition...2,10992Nov 16Nov 188 hrs ago
Went to bed ...4,163288Oct 2021Nov 74 hrs ago
What did you ...2597Oct 2021Oct 202117 hrs ago
Bald men V men with a toupée2,257124Jun 2021Jul 2021Jun 26
Don't give up ...3,305138Jan 2021Jul 2021Jun 22
TALES of the unexpected ...1,25764Jan 2021Jul 2021Jun 26
Happy Fathers Day40016Jun 2021Jun 2021Jun 15
TODAY'S MANTRA1,90291Jan 2021Mar 2021Jun 22
SAY...4,368185Feb 2021Mar 202119 hrs ago
Halcyon days ....95531Feb 2021Mar 2021Jun 20
Radio Garden54420Feb 2021Feb 2021Jun 27
I just ordered some...34516Jan 2021Jan 202119 hrs ago
THREAD TITLES47424Dec 2020Dec 2020Jun 27
Grand conjunction Jupiter Saturn61130Dec 2020Dec 20207 hrs ago
PAY ...83934Dec 2020Dec 2020Jun 27
INCELS (involuntary celibates)1,72456Nov 2020Nov 20204 hrs ago
FAKE4,278232Nov 2020Nov 2020Jun 25
And who would have thought ...91741Nov 2020Nov 2020Jun 28
Women have told everyone ....1,63070Sep 2020Nov 2020Jun 26

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