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How do I reach for the stars,
When my feet are firmly planted on the ground?
How I let myself fall,
When I don't know how to get back up?
How do I ask for help,
When the hand I reach out might not be there?

I want to journey with a partner.
I want to feel the rush of intense pleasure.
I want to know the serenity that comes from peace.

How do I let my guard down,
When I am afraid to release my soul?
How do I say help me to know,
When I am unsure what I want to know?
How do I ask for the help,
When I am hurting inside?

I want to experience it all with you.
I want to find my other half of my soul.
I want to be completed.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2010
About this poem:
Just a different commentary on what people are searching for and feeling...

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Comments (6)

this is a fabulous piece of writing..excellent work
Thanks for sharing very nice.
amahlala, what other people are saying, and you are putting into words for them, is that they are 1/2 a person. They are not. They are a whole person, always, all ways. When you/me/other find someone to share experiences with then, are 1/2 a couple. All people are fully capable of loving, opening up hearts, let down guard, asking for help, all of it. The decision is up to them, tell them that please. ;-) Nice write.
bouquet Thanks everyone, I appreciate the comments. It just seems to be a prevailing thought that people feel that they are not "whole" without someone in their lives. IMO, someone to share your life enhances your life they don't complete it.
Agreed Amahlala, but when you meet someone that feels like the one you've been looking for all your life, who you feel like you know and they feel the same, it's hard to find a better analogy than completeness. But it is just that, an analogy. In poetry, poets take poetic license... Nice write! wine
a big 10 for the expression of your sensitivity !
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