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You invaded my dreams again~
A little blip into my subconscious.

I am fine~
Other than wondering why I think I am fine.

I was so fine~
Then why do I let you creep into my dreams?

I can go about my life~
Knowing that you are not the solution to my equation.

Yet you slip in~
When least expected when my guard is down.

Funny how~
A chance memory brings you back again.

More mortar~
On that wall, a few more layers for defense.

I will be fine~
Until you creep into my dreams again.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 2011
About this poem:
Dreams can sometimes bring back good and bad memories.

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Comments (13)

i know exactly what you mean , but do we invade their dreams , do we still have an affect on their lives or thoughts
Hi Amahlala

Trying to forget former loves isn't always easy - especially when they slip uninvited into your dreams...

Nice write

Bill (Fellsman)
gnj4uonline today!
Hi, amahlala,
Knowing that you are not the solution to my equation. Although we don't yet know the answer, we often know what is NOT the answer. Until we find the right answer, however, our mind may try to apply different rules in an attempt to make the wrong answer fit. Fine's awareness is the best defense!
Unfortuneately Amhahlala good memories become sad memories because there will be no current memories with that person. Don't know why that affects the old memories...but it surely does. I can relate. TY angel comfort hug
Thank you everyone for your comments! Memories can sneak up without warning at the oddest times...bouquet
amahlala, so nice to see your pen is working again. as others said happy memories can become sad, cool part is that it works the other way too! eventually memories know nothing but smiles... ;-)
Thanks GG2 ~ Wouldn't mind it so much if the memories would just quit popping in when they don't need to....Fine....bouquet
Amahlala Have you ever tried directing a dream??? sometimes I have managed a little bit, and pooh they disappear.I just think time fades them realy, its just me thinking I have some controlhug
I have never been able to direct a dream Redex. I've tried but it just becomes completely insane...bouquet
True and real...your poem is teddybear
Thanks Jazzy!bouquet
That was really, really good.
Thank you Sunday!bouquet
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