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I sat there, in that chair.
Waiting, watching, listening.
Every fiber of my being, alert.
Poised to jump, to respond, to be.

I lay there, in that bed.
Restless, worried, tossing.
Each moment ticking by, concerned.
Ready to fly, to move, to run.

I walked there, on that porch.
Stomping, screaming, yelling.
All of me hurting, pained.
Seeking to flee, to move, to laugh.

I stopped there, at that moment.
Still, calm, at peace.
My heart beating, amazed.
Knowing it is over, done, free.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2011

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Comments (10)

Happygolucky4uonline today!
omg I know the feeling so well. Bought tears to my eyes to read you spin those feelings into a poem. bouquet
A beautiful liberation. So wonderfully expressed!kiss
Thanks Happy! Didn't mean to make you tear up...reallyhug bouquet
Jim! Thank you! Love that feeling when you let a worry that has "eaten away" at you just leave....hug bouquet
Hi Amahlala,
A well crafted poem,you certainly spun this poem into a beauty,thanks for sharing.handshake
Thanks Poet! Appreciate it!bouquet
A well of emotions transitioning to
a much more peaceful state. Well
written Amahlala. Many can relate.
angel cool comfort angel hug
A nice write amahlala
bouquet bouquet bouquet
Thanks B! Hope you are doing good!bouquet
Thank you Steve!bouquet
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by amahlala (51 Poems)
on Sep 2011
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