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world wide web me & yOu

You are ugly
You are goofy
You are patient
You are ancient (lol)
You are antique (lol)
You are unique
You are mute
You are cute
You are calm
You are charm
You are my world
You are wide
You are on web
You are my world wide web (dot me)
I’m not ugly
I’m not goofy
I’m not patient
I’m not ancient
I’m not antique
But I’m unique
And, I’m not mute
Yet, I am cute
I am not calm
Though I am charm
I am your world
I am wide
I am on web
I am your world wide web (dot you)
We disagree
We fight
We bite
We argue
But I can count on you
You can count on me
We will always be together
And you will be with me forever
At World Wide Web dot love you dot Count On Me (
And I will be with you forever
At World Wide Web dot love me dot Count On U (www.loveme.cou)
Wow~Watta cool websites
for both of me and you!!! (lol)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Dec 2010
About this poem:
on Fine Day~ :P lol

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Comments (13)

trurorobonline now!
nice take on it!
Hi Sun and Sea

A love poem to the world wide web? Now how original is that?

Best wishes

You always write such interesting poems. bouquet
Hi, thesunandthesea,
But I can count on you You can count on me...Sounds as if good things are getting caught up in the W-W WEB.
I LOVE "WWW. Connectingsingles. COM" as this is the site I found nice and lovely people!!!blushing thank you for reading my poem even if it’s not really good but you come and read it and also posted nice comments..kiss ^_^ Thank YOOOOOOOOOOOU ))) XXX ..Rob, Fellsman, Macduff5 and gnj4u ^__^ handshake
you are funny
i am smiling
dot to you ...nice write...laugh laugh thumbs up bouquet
Dot LadyBee Dot Thank YOU So MUCH!!! heehee laugh
niah9online today!
Hi..thesunandthesea...even you name it cute and different, just like your poems...always a new angle on varied topics...and yes, inspired and funny...Niahcheering hug
lips Niah!lips ! THANK YOU for your comment ^__^)))) kiss u know sometimes I try to write a romantic poem too but I just cant -_-''dunno My poems are always funny.. lol -_-'' actually I am a very serious persoN!!!!!professor lol
I loved this the first time I read it(a few weeks ago). Esp. the last stanza. I think it's very cute & very sweet!
thumbs up teddybear
SCatlyn WOOww thank you! blushing you read it two weeks ago n come back to read it again?blushing oh--I'm SO happy! thank you Scatlyn))) @^_^@ but I'm a lil bit shy when I found my poem pop-up in the first page of the poet corner. blushing

Actually this one I wrote for my special someone, giggle he's quite OLD :P and he's IT guy. ^__^ most of my <funny> poems I wrote when I thought of him,flirty everything just like in the poem. lol laugh

We didnt talk for a while cus I was mad him.very mad I mad cus he didnt say anything!talk to hand Sometimes i wonder if theres only 'him' that is mute, or every guy in this world likes keep their mouth zipped all the time. snooty That makes girls <like me>crazy! lol frustrated

hmmm Today is the first day I started to talk to him again,laugh and then your comment just came up. Surprised me batting... THANK YOU, SCatlyn.
What a very cute and sweet poem about love on the world wide web! thumbs up wine hug heart wings teddybear
awwwww... so now you know I've found my (censor) on web.. blushinghehee. If I haven't found him, I have to be alone until I die for sure.devil cus guys in real dont dare to talk to me now..dunno...dunno why? >_<// I just ....bite..grin LOL giggle

Thank you ROSvery happy ^__^// Now I'm So happy.. Valentine Day's coming)))) I'd love to read your sweet poem mooreee))))) here4u => rose (a rose from me, no charge) wink & here too => (@^__^@) (my smile is a complimentary service/ no charge too. lol) peace heehee // SAS ^_*
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