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Paper Moon

I shed no tears that have not already been wept
I make no promises that have not been kept
For if within my power I would give until I bleed
Flowers will only bloom from a tendered seed

Reaching out I know I can touch the skies
As my fingertips caress the tears in your eyes
I grab the blossom that in the wind flies
And the lonely Wolf no longer cries

For without you I am without myself
Gathering the dust upon that lonely shelf
Awaiting you to waken me from my slumber
And touch all the stars in their infinite number

Then take my hand and lead me into your life
For where you are my destiny lies rife
Those chains that bound us with dreaded fear
Lie broken, for even when you are far you are near

I grasp your soul as if it were my own
And it melts within mine for a single throne
Where the Universe becomes our kingdom
And Shaka Zulu cried the hail of freedom

For I am a part of you as you are part of me
Together we would not relinquish to be born free
We will not be forsaken as Ares and Aphrodite
For our desires are not those of the fallen mighty

Perhaps before the time for us was far too soon
For roses always seem to bloom best in June
When the piper's lips play that long lost tune
And dreams were not dreamt upon a Paper Moon
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 2011
About this poem:
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Comments (46)

niah9online today!
Wonderful poem rob.....must be a very special lady....kapplause teddybear teddybear
Yes it is very lovely.Two hearts in rythem,The very best thoughts are wished your way.heart beating
Good to see you back Trurorob and setting the standard for which to aspire. A lovely write. cheers
Yankee4youonline today!
This poem is absolutely a classic!! wow!!
Amazingly beautifully written. So great to see you back my friend. I'm so happy for you. Take care.
trurorobonline today!
Thanks K, your a gem!
Rob! I see you haven't lost your touch! Welcome back to the corner my friend...and with a brilliant write!hug
Beautifully written
rob, welcome back to the writing side. glad you are 1: writing, 2: 2. ;-)
No one can express their emotions on paper, as well as you do sailor.I have no need to speak words to tell you what you already know.
bouquet daydream happy place
PS: Good to see you sharing your poems again.
Such words can only flow from someone like you with a heart so true.Always wish the best for you Rob.I'm fine,we just got back from the South Island,was away for 6wks.thumbs up wine teddybear
magnificent write from the one and only eclectic Rob, thanks for sharing... wine
Beautiful romantic poem. happy place thumbs up
trurorobonline today!
Thank you Moonontide,
trurorobonline today!
Thanks McDuff
Great sincere poetry Rob. Should capture
any heart you want with that one. Sail on
Sailor.thumbs up peace angel cool cheers
trurorobonline today!
Thanks Yankee!
Rob, it's useless to say that the pencil and a piece of paper are precious objects to me. I'm sure for you too. This is a great writing, i always appreciate your work. Thank you for sharing Rob !handshake wine
trurorobonline today!
Thank you Pink
trurorobonline today!
Thanks Jazzy my good friend
Been gone for a while myself and cathing up, so welcome back I see they say and another good write
trurorobonline today!
Thank you Kezza
trurorobonline today!
Thanks Dave!
much respect grin
Your writting is so smooth
trurorobonline today!
Many thanks my GH
Wow! What strong feelings can do...sensational. I think falling in love can make words bloom. Magnificent write!handshake teddybear
trurorobonline today!
Thank you Paloma my friend
trurorobonline today!
Thanks K
trurorobonline today!
Thanks Earl
trurorobonline today!
Thank you Odette
trurorobonline today!
Thanks Larry, hope you are well
trurorobonline today!
Thank you DaBomb
trurorobonline today!
Thanks FJames
trurorobonline today!
Thanks ELO
trurorobonline today!
Thanks Pigrimageoflove
trurorobonline today!
Thank you Thelmatalla
Nice poem Rob....seems freestyle yet structured in a nice rhythm at the same time.
trurorobonline today!
Thanks Candykid, see you have been trawling the archives again.
Rob I wasn't on CS when this was first posted however I am glad to read it now, its so beautiful and I love the title Paper Moon! I like the Greek references too! Peace! hug purple heart
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