Coming Home From Sea

On a dark stormy night
slipping into berth
A cold harbor winds blow
The boat makes lines
Fast to a foggy pier
After many days at sea
Bouncing choppy tides
Walking up the hill
Streetlamps glow dull
Their gloomy shadows
Swaggering sea legs
My tired body aches
Boots glisten white
still crusted with salt
Washed by steady drizzle
counting footsteps off
Across wet cobblestone
Reach my little house
It sits up all alone
On top of Harbor Hill
With many pleasent views
Lush with ivy hangs
Down brick chimney side
The evening flower blooms
Of late night blossoms
Inside a soft latern glows
The smell of scented candles
Wafting out open window
Where fire baked bread cools
Mixing together a sweet aroma
She's sings old hymns softly
Stiring finishing touches
Spices fresh fish chowder
Steaming warmly over stove
Six long weeks at sea
Adrift on roiling tides
Fade away like memories
washing off the salty brine
Of creased and crevaced skin
Now hands and face are pink
After soaking in a hot tub
With healing herbal oils
Soon I will feel the sweet
Touch of my lover's lips
As gently she will sroke
My naked body like a feather
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2011
About this poem:
The New England Coast....

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Comments (4)

Reminds me of the movie, 'Perfect Storm.' A smooth peaceful flow my friend. Great imagery.thumbs up wine
I enjoyed reading this, I like the warm of the "picture" you show. Thank you for sharing this Yankee4u handshake teddybear
was a sailor for 33 years really related to that,great poem.
My longest stretch at sea was 110 days without standing on dry's a difficult life and one filled with many vivid dreams when sleep eventually overtakes you....but sometimes in a sailor's bloods there is more than just a single life's worth of dreams and memories because the power of the sea trancends is deceptive and like the desert it passes down so many former lives and lovers....strangely so..lost and found again in dreams...
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