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Sometimes it's there all clear and bright
And then it's not for the way is is as dark as night
Never abiding for it is never permanent
Still once you have the experience you know it's real
But it comes and go, sometimes absent for a long time
Although desiring for it to be always by your side
Most times when you want it just does not abide
Joy, peace, certainty, assurance
That knowledge your life is on the right path
Just when you think it's there to stay
It's gone away
Life's constant struggles becomes the order of the day
Troubles and uncertainties abound
Money cannot buy it for it is so profound
The wealthy express their desire to have it too
Education and fame say we are just like you
For it respect no one
Every man making choices as he goes through life
Ever wondering is his life's purpose is being fulfilled
Should there ever come a day of reckoning
Would my life here have been worth something
The knowledge for which we search
Then again the way shine bright
A shining and glowing light
Illuminating the way showingwe are still on the path that is right
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2012
About this poem:
trying to develope a thought that occurred to me

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so very true this sent a wave of empathy from inside of me
thank you for sharing this its well, for want of a better word i'd say awesome your expression in words.applause wave
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