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Under Your Spell

Casual as drifting stars spark at night
Many thoughts for us floating over time
Hoping at long last for love to ignite
Ever guiding light towards a goal I climb

Lost now how many days will pass us by
When neither one of us dare take a chance
Waiting for more lonesome tears to drip dry
Will wash away the meaning of romance

Sadly even stary nights grow longer
Offer gladness yet we still feel glummer
What could make my dreams for you feel stronger
Cast in doubt a shadow moon midsummer

Please parden me this most serious blunder
It must only be your spell I'm under
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2012
About this poem:
Many thoughts staring out my window my mind drifting away to another time when a late summer night blossoms thoughts still wonderimg what might become of love and life.

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Hi Yankee wave
You'll not be pardoned for writing a deep sublime sonnet professor wonderful as always..with thanks for sharing. wine bouquet
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