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The truth behind Rumpelstiltskin revealed (Part 4)

All day the Miller’s daughter was wined and dined and kept in absolute luxury. She only needed to hint at something and it was instantly brought to her. One of the greatest delicacies that could be had was Mountain oysters (sheep balls) and due to their rarity reserved mainly for the King and sometimes his favourites. These she consumed by the dozens. There were bowls of Durian fruit and mangosteen, aronia berries and camu camu berries. In fact she was denied nothing and given everything her heart desired.

Never before had she lived like this. Strange and exotic foods that tempted and pleased her palate. Wines of the finest kinds from all over the known world. By the end of the day for the first time in her life she was almost full.

That night the King took her to a room that was twice the size of the one from the night before. Like before the room was filled with straw. Every nook and cranny had straw in it , there was barely room for the spinning wheel.

Once again she was ordered to turn the straw into gold, or she would die a most horrible death. A death so horrible that she would not be able to imagine it. As like the night before, when the door clanked shut, she collapsed.

Again tears flowed from her eyes as sob after sob shook her body. On and on she cried as before, praying, pleading, and once again she swore that she would change if only someone would help her.

Again, as the night before, the wizened little man arrived. He could not stand to see her so unhappy so out of the goodness of his heart he once again agreed to help her. All she had left was a ring on her little finger. This seemed to please him and she happily handed it over knowing that once again she had cheated death.

Same as the night before he sat himself down at the spinning wheel, , muttered some sort of incantation to himself, cracked his knuckles and started spinning. In went the straw and out came the gold.

Far into the night he worked. Straw after straw he spun into gold whilst in the corner the miller’s daughter slumbered. So deep was her slumber that enormous sounding snores escaped the room and roamed the castle. It was whispered amongst the servants that surely a dragon must reside down near the dungeons.

Finally after many gruelling hours of work he finished. He looked totally exhausted and slowly raised himself from the stool. A quick look around to make sure he had not missed any and he was gone.

When the King entered the room there was no hiding the greed that shone forth from his eyes when he saw all the gold. Surely he must be the richest man in the entire world. When he looked at the miller’s daughter she looked almost ravishing to him.

It was at this point that he decided that he would give her one more room, nay, he would give her the entire cellars to fill with gold. Should she succeed he would make her his Queen. If she failed, then alas, she would die.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2012

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I wished i had a spinning wheel like that to make me some gold,you caught my attention straight through.Excellent story Stevecheers M.M
Thank you my friend

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