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Gunfight in the Sun


The sheriff saw them comin'
so he loaded up his gun
He stood out on the dusty street
his back turned to the sun
The blazing glow would blind'em,
he'd used this ploy before
The day he dropped Impotent Sam
down by the livery door.

He stood there tall and ready
as the Beardy gang stepped down
They lined up in a row like ducks
and quickly looked around
Then their eyes turned squinty
as they slowly looked his way
The sheriff never quivered
as he heard the leader say

"We've come ta take yer town away
and claim it for our own,
We've got a hole reserved for you
with perdy flowers sown."
They all began to chuckle
as they drew down on their guns
The street was filled with clouds of smoke
their faces t'ward the sun

Up on Boot Hill the Beardy bunch
we,re buried mornin' next
And on a wooden marker someone jotted down some text
" The sheriff shot these varmints,
now they all reside in hell."
Now how he dropped all four of them
the townsfolk wouldn't tell.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2012
About this poem:
I thought maybe,with all the broken hearts on this Forum,a little levity might be in order. After all it is said " Laughter is a good medicine ! "

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Comments (5)

Nice job Snowy!~ I love cowboy poetry. Matter of fact, I got to meet Baxter Black a while ago and he is the of funniest men I've ever met. If you have the chance to look him up online, it would be worth the time. Baxter is noted as saying: "You can't make this stuff up!" Take care and let me know if you write anymore in this vein. Thanks again, Celtic

durn good shootin thar snowy
applause Like your style!
I thank you all for your kind words.I never know what might come to mind as I stare out my front window.
I shall certainly research Baxter Black Celtic.Thank you for your suggestion.I have read some of your offerings and am certainly one of your fans.You are very gifted at painting pictures of the mind with your fine writting.
Thank you too Charlie.I am new to this forum and there is so much to read and only so many hours in the day.I shall be perusing your offerings as well.
Jazzy. Your kind words are an inspiration to me.Thank you for the encouragement. teddybear
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