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Tanya (Party like its 1999)

Well here I go again, one more vignette
The subject to not everybody's taste;
Though never will I say that I regret
Things done a while back now, and in some haste.
Incidents like these my poems beget
The memories described my "happy place"
Well here I go again - another girl -
In my life's dross a bright and shining pearl.

It was New Year's Eve Nineteen Ninety Eight
We're going to party like Nineteen Ninety Nine
Five hours to go until midnight's date
(I was at a house party in summer time)
In Newtown* in terrace - it got late
(For both of us it seems too much red wine)
I got talking to this girl, her name was Tanya -
What happened next I now intend to tell ya.

What happened there a "comedy of Eros"
As was my plight - a victim of the goon**
I plunge forth in my verse not at a loss
To now explain what came next (and quite soon).
And over this whole subject I won't gloss
(And you may say now "go and get a room")
As lost amid her tresses, and in night veiled
I would find this larger lady now prevailed.

Invited to this party by a friend
I knew not anyone there on that night.
And well, these kind of things, how do they end?
Well often it would seem a f*ck or fight;-
For me the former (not he latter) - a God send
(Good reader I don't wish you to a'fright).
I got talking on that evening to a girl;-
In the backyard of this house the night unfurled.

And as I said before her name was Tanya
I knew her not quite from a bar of soap.
She invited me to sit and talk with her
In the backyard of this house - not to elope.
Now people at this party arriving were
(It seemed to me this girl was my main hope);-
We got talking, then she offered me a drink
From her goon bag*** - I had little time to think.

So there we were, the two of us in "private"
Nestled amidst the shady leaves of trees.
Though soon enough for us the night got late
As dark shadow fell upon this greenery.
I think that for our lives all is but Fate
(There's nothing we could do now seemingly).
The conversation we were having didn't lag;-
She offered me more wine from her goon bag.

The night wore on, we drank this cheap red wine
In plastic cups - t'was not too elegant;-
And after four or five we felt just fine
(As those about us now became irrelevant).
The look in her eyes told me t'was time
For some foreplay - and this is how it went;-
Seducing her - a lovely larger lady;-
And the look in her eyes said "now!" - not maybe.

Well that was how it was - we were divested
Of these our clothes - with opportunity.
A little time in foreplay was invested
And then her love she freely gave to me.
Beyond return now; things were uncontested
(We may as well have drown'd in a deep sea);-
As now upon this girl quite reubenesque
My fingers traced sweet lines of arabesque.

Her name was Tanya, and she had black hair
To midway down her back in swirling pitch.
As I recall that night I was down there
(Trying I suppose to relieve her itch).
Then gasping somewhat, now came up for air
(Like a victim of a spell cast by a witch).
Before I knew it, I was on top of her;-
Soon to those party guests we caused a stir.

I thought we were alone - how wrong I was!
As others at the house had now a hint.
In groups of two or three they came to watch
Me now with my ample bit of bint.
Why do these things happen? I say because
Of grog (perhaps) when to these depths we sink;-
In he old days I guess we'd cop a flogging
For this kind of semi-private dogging.****

"All's well that ends well" (so the Bard did say)
(And cameras not yet in a mobile phone).
So let me not a'fright you - or dismay -
(That night, for sure, we were not all alone).
Such things are surely part of a lover's Way
(Though after this we both felt quite undone).
I write this because I can - it's who I am;-
On that New Year's Day - we parted - thank you ma'am!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 2017
About this poem:
* Newtown - an inner city suburb of Sydney.

** Goon - a cheap wine (white, or in this case red) packed in a water tight bladder, in a cardboard box (cask) of sizes of 2 litres, and 4 litres. Incidently, it is actually an Aussie invention!

*** Goon bag - Aussie slang for when the bladder of wine is pulled out of its cardboard cask, and then carried in a ladies handbag. (This is a popular way of smuggling alcohol into night clubs, so as not to have to buy overpriced and expensive drinks).

**** Dogging - an English (UK) slang expression, meaning to have sex in public places.

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Comments (6)

Thanks for bringing your 'happy place' (s*xual past) to your 'safe place' (poetry corner) and entertaining your 'virtual friend' (peer writers).hug
It seems that lately every time that I venture over to this website in an attempt to read some decent poetry, I unfortunately find your incessant need to plague this corner with your ridiculous history of bars, prostitutes, misfortunes, sex dolls, and several other topics that you seem incapable of not writing about. I am sure that you have plenty of poets that will rush to your defense, and I am equally sure that you are capable of just the same, but sometimes less is more. Perhaps you should consider quality and content over quantity.....
Jane...hope you are well. Thank you for your comment...appreciated as allways...heart1
Thank you for your comment Candykid. Realize this: I genuinely thank you for your comment. Every one's opinion is valuable - yours included. I make no apology for how I write, the style in which I write, and my choice of subject matter. My poems can't be all that bad, or you wouldn't have read so many of them (I refer to your list above). Also Mr Candykid, you certainly do not have to read my poems if you do not wish to. A quick search of this website will tell you that there are over 30,000 individual poems here to chose from, in just about every style, and choice of subject matter under the Sun. Of these 30,000 (or more) poems I have written 93 of them. This would leave you a great deal of poetry to read that was not written by me. That point covered, I would like you to know that I have read a good few of your poems, and some of them are not too bad. Have I ever posted any derogatory comments about your writing? No I have not. I would like you to extend me the same courtesy. You may wish to re read the Poetry rules. I do not wish to initiate some kind of slanging match with you, particularly in the Poetry Section, where people are, in general, very supportive, and nice. I have seen you post nasty comments about some other peoples writing on this site, also, and let me tell you it is very poor form. As you must know us poets are a very sensitive breed, and we bruise easily. I tell you this for your own good. It is a good thing that comments can be deleted, although I will leave yours here to illustrate a point.
It is not necessary to try and educate me on the rules of this forum, or the amount of so-called poems that have been posted here. I have been a member of this site for the last 8 years, and can recall when this site first included poetry corner, which was created several years after its inception. Needless to say, I have read well over half of the 32,000+ poems that have been posted here on this dating website. I do not frequent this site on a daily basis, as I have a life that requires me to live in the real world moreso than the digital one, however you should understand that I am known to say things to writers that oftentimes others are thinking, yet are even more often skeptical to say themselves. As per your comment about removing cannot. I write comments with the full knowledge and intent to stand by them. If you have found a way to remove my comments, please do so. It seems that you have once again mistaken this poetry corner for the blogs section. Some just cannot differentiate between the two.
Mr Candykid, no further correspondence will be entered into. Just to remind you one final time, that you are under no obligation to read my writing, my friend. If you don't like my poetry, then don't read it - simples...
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