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Time Traveler

Cast off these lines have almost broken me
Making my body shudder with each wave
Letting me leave my safe harbor and flee
Myself of bonds never meant to enslave

Such as my spirit goes before me flies
Leaves an anchorage casts mooring aside
Riding silver wings overhead in skies
Soaring so highly and outstretched will glide

Past limits once held and checked in balance
Just for the sake of gravity I fear
Flying in the sunsets golden valance
Traveling in time makes great distance near

So at last we can meet and exchange smiles
Forgetting for now…. all the miles and miles
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 2019
About this poem:
Such as the name suggests going on an epic journey

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Comments (5)

godsprincessonline today!
Safe travels over the Big Pond.

Very optimistic enjoyable poem to read , thanks for sharing it Yankee4you wave
mcradloffonline today!
I like the movie Back To The Future. I wish there was a way to travel back and forward in time. To see real events, to see the dinosaurs, but to do it in a way that didn't mess with things and didn't get me killed.daydream transport
There is away McC.... short of an actual time travel's called 'poetry'. transport writing
Poetry....the actual travel machine?! Wow ! Great point of view! I always thought about having a time machine ...Yankee4you.
That now made me think...grin blushing blushing

Thank you cheers
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