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It falls and falls
It forms a seamless
Tapestry of cloud and
Covers all that is familiar
Lying below… a tree... a road
It makes us blind like love
It is beautiful because it hides
Not light but everything changes
What we see and makes us miss
What we can’t see anymore even more
It changes how we see things
It covers even our perceptions
Of what was once a beautiful form
By making another beautiful form
It draws for us to admire things
Differently from it was before
When the path is cleared of it
It makes us smile to see it once again
Piled in steep banks glowing and glistening
Blue under the halos of street lights
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Dec 2019
About this poem:
Perceptions of winter scenes

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Comments (2)

A pleasure to read .beautifully written hug
enjoyed reading as it did bring back memories of snow too grin thumbs up
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