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Down The Rabbit’s Hole

The hole was there on the edges
Where a field met against sedges
Behind an old rotted stump
A perfect escape in a jump

A pathway leading underground
A tunnel with other holes be found
Where daylight streams so hazy
And dreams become so crazy

Only the noise of heavy clopping
Slowly starting and stopping
Like the spokes on a wheel
Now spinning backwards feel

Heart making these rhythms
Blood pouring through a schism
Deep in the darkness waits
Until all the danger abates

Quietly darkness turns to sleep
Calmness will I find and keep
Until its safe to go back outside
When fear is not so amplified

Once again turns almost night
Cloaking black into moon light
I gaze out again from my view
Summer grass and sparkling dew

This is how I must survive
Keep my body and soul alive
It is a constant vigil that I keep
Stealth make not even a peep

For time is not measured in days
But days are measured many ways
And life is measured in time
Between life and death sublime
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 19
About this poem:
An 'Alice in Wonderland'-like imagery of a rabbit burrowed in to a small ridge as a metaphor for my emotional reticence coping with the Covid19 pandemic raging around me.

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Comments (7)

trurorobonline now!
Nice pen Chris, great rhythm and good rhyming
godsprincessonline now!
Oh how true. The world feels surreal right now and a lot of people are referring to the old TV show "The Twilight Zone" - Rod Serling was born in Syracuse, N.Y. - graduated from Binghamton Central School in Broome County, New York which is right next to Tioga County, NY where I live. He lived in Seneca County near me when he died and his Memorial service was at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York - Tompkins Co. - also borders Tioga County. We also had in Newark Valley, N.Y. (my home town) a man who claimed he saw Martians - Gary Wilcox. Also, in the 1960's we had bomb practices in school - hiding under our desks and standing against the wall with our arms over our heads - like that was going to do any good! IBM Owego Defense Plant was just 10 - 15 miles away from us. So you would think I would be use to Alice in Wonderland events but this one is really getting to me. Take care and be safe.

Kathy teddybear
Rachael_0622online today!
Hi Yankee4you Chris ?
I was right there w u reading
Your poem
On the edge of my seat
Waiting for the next beat
Man you are good
I have read several in the past
You have great superb style
I commend you for
Your discipline of
An almost Lost Art
Rachael_0622online today!

Baited breath
Rachael_0622 bouquet
Deeply going write Chris. excellent rhyming. Great metaphora. One day you ll see the the light again. Just take care and stay safe. Lily hug
Hi, Yankee4you,
Life is what happens and is done between the beginning
Where daylight streams so hazy
And dreams become so crazy

and the end, living with the knowledge that danger abates eventually and
days are measured many ways
And life is measured in time
Between life and death sublime

Loved your poetic write of the constant vigil that I keep... Thanks for sharing.
Wow what a poem !wave hug
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