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Tip Toe Through Time .........

she gazes out across the field
to see what her mind may reveal
what memories will find there way
to enlighten her very day

a colour a sound a mood to see
triggering thoughts of what used to be
as she allows time to go back
what joys will her smile enact

back to where she once belonged
back to where her roots are strong
back to where her days were long
back to where her dream came on

ballet shoes and polished floors
chinese whispers behind closed doors
a shade of colour rich and rare
no need for ignorance or the glare

that’s when she learnt to bestill her sole
and use her body complete and whole
and define the beauty that lay within
expressing her dance with timeless grin

hard work and years of toil
deep contentment part of the spoil
but accolades soared high
rising the ranks with joyous sigh

till she reached the highest decree
representing country and her people to be
an amazing ballerina for all to see
but the girl from the country she will always be.........
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 9
About this poem:
this girl dances with the spirit of the land within her .......... returns home to the small country town where her mum lives .......

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Comments (8)

southmiami4321online today!
A nice poem my friend. Ballet is a beautiful art but tireless practicing behind the scenes. In my ex-husband's family, there are three generations of ballet dancers' mother-son-granddaughter. In this poem it captures the note that the dancer returned back home.... we should never forget home sweet home...SM
godsprincessonline today!
Wonderful story of achievement but keeping in touch with her home base/roots. Thanks for sharing Nu.

How beautiful!
I can relate with your story and feel every word that touches my soul.
beautifully written Nu. I am a big fan of ballet. I danced myself many years ago. I just clearly see the live picture in your verse. Thank you so much. Lily wave
Hi SM ...... Yeah it does seem like a lot of hard work ...... practise does make perfect I Spose ...... thanks for your thoughts .....regards Nu grin
Hi Kathy .....:: even more so as she is aboriginal and grew up without her father ...... but her determination and love shone through......... thanks for your lovely comments ...... regards Nu grin
Hi Ali ....... nice to meet you here ....... appreciate your warm comments ...... glad you enjoyed it and thanks .....regards Nu grin
Hi Lily ....: Glad you could relate .....::this girl seemed to be naturally gifted even blessed she seemed so in touch with the essence of it ....... a pleasure to watch and for some who likes footy it really caught my eye ........ thanks for your thoughts regards Nu .... grin
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