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Live from Kranji

A leisure suit is no defence
against the 35C
its a tight hussle
weather and horsemen
the game goes on

skeletal companions
smoking Marlboro
deep in the form
Malay Malay
horse lore in the haze

I move to the English lounge
gratifyingly stand-offish
public school accent
all taken with aplomb
mahogany boardrooms

I'm down 50 by the 5th
El Dorado's in the pocket
burst from the turn
commanding adrenaline
home for a 100

Singapore nights
harbour-side towers
champagne club
tall balconies
hewn from the jungle
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 16
About this poem:
In several trips to Singapore over the years I once enjoyed a day at Kranji racecourse.

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Comments (4)

Good to know .
Thank you for sharing your singapore experience .
Oceanzestonline today!
Wondered if it would draw you out, nice city you live in handshake
Mizzy4online today!
Very descriptive account of your trip across the Pacific. I've never been to Malaysia. sigh

Regards Mick.

I've only been to Canada, I don't know when I will get to Asia, maybe some day, Maine is my goal this year.dancing drink pouring
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