Loneliness Up For Sale

Life has loneliness up for sale
All washed up on the shores
Like bones lying on the shale
Bleached by a sun that soars
A discarded shell of a snail
Restless and consuming wars

Life has loneliness up for sale
A midnight walk to nowhere
Dreams of scented pines inhale
Where spirits dance and dare
And silence and sighs exhale
Where the tired soul is left bare

Life has loneliness up for sale
Nothing left to give away for free
More than beauty of our youth prevail
Countless days with no great fee
Followed by those tears that trail
The memories that we let go free
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2022
About this poem:
Poetry is more about feelings than words that convey them as much as nostalgia works in our inner minds,

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Comments (2)

Friendship4everonline today!
Interesting title for a poem. wave
EXRED3online today!
yes i agree with your summary and yes your poem did evoke feelings inside my head and heart.
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