Sorrow at my door

Slowy moving though my minds demise.
Hearing mumblings as others reminisce.
Some smile and laugh an ode to you and your amazing life.
Lyrics, jokes and thoughts, all manner of sadness disguised.

With wine in hand, I smile a story from youth I recall.
A breeze can be seen as the plants you planted bend and petals and leaves fall.
Your garden is full of life and colour and its movements enchant my sight.
I first set eyes on the sorrow that now haunts me.

There you sit unruffled and yet you set my mind to muddle.
One Magpie with eyes like magnificent black pearls.
Your sit alone and stare.
I look to the sky’s above to see your friends to complete the rhyme.
But it seems sorrow is my faith at this time.

The sands of time flow your presence, your stare.
A constant that fuels my despair.
I look to sky’s, I try, I look to my soul.
The pain I feel I lie.

I look to the skies to find your friends.
But is just me and you locked in a sorrowful stare.
I look to the darkened ground of the garden, and this is where your friend is found.
Amongst the fallen debris.
Of leaves, petals, branches, and shards.
Is a decaying Magpie, now a maggot ridden tomb.

I reflect and ponder; Did I deliver sorrow to you?
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Dec 13
About this poem:
Every day Since my stepdad passed away, I have seen one magpie in the same spot it was haunting. I recently had a look and I found that the second one had died. It is amazing how you can be so wrapped up in what you think is happening to you and miss what is happening to others.

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Comments (4)

godsprincessonline today!
Very heartfelt. Nature has a way of encroaching on your soul when one has had a great loss. We notice things more and are more sensitive to what is going on around us. Our loss slows us down so that we are more aware.

So sorry for your loss.

Kathy sad flower
Thank you for the comment and lovely words
Nice poem.

"I look to the skies to find your friends.
But is just me and you locked in a sorrowful stare."

They say animals can appear in our sight to give messages, to help us remember, or to just share the same feelings you both feel.
Nice poem. I'm sorry for your loss but hopefully the good memories you've been left with don't fade.
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