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in the belly of the line
peristalsis undulations
gut wrenching lamentations
emotions so hard to digest

the fullness of phrase
protrudes button
pregnant with meaning
there is life in words

and excrement too
the colon separates
balancing worth of word
from meaningless waste

© agoodguy2have 2010-07-29
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2010
About this poem:
again with the food / inspirational / love conundrum ...let's make it health ;-)

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Comments (10)

aha! love it my friend!! this is brilliant!!!grin
You're gonna get some comments on that last stanza! grin Enjoyed it friend...
trurorobonline today!
ha!, much could be digested from this!
very creative guy...might one man's meaningless waste be another's foie gras?...(somebody stop me)
Very true, very true,,, who hasn't ever said or written a load of cr,,,,p);bowing
I liked this Goodguy..try fennel tea helps with digestion!. thumbs up

Ljj.. angel grin
please try the fennel tea, conversing
please....i just ate my dinner...doh
Hi, agoodguy2have,
in the belly of the line... Simply fantastic!
Have the Fennel tea everyday to cure your symptoms of the C...,written by others that you find hard to digest.Try to take it all in your stride,live & let live,allow everyone to enjoy this corner,C... or no C...,continue to live up to your User name,we appreciate your intellect but delete the barbs.Lets enjoy your Aura out here.
peace banana
Love will cure you g-guy, then all meanings will changeteddybear
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on Jul 2010
in Health
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