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RE: Say Anything

After reading the forums and the blogs, I can understand why laugh

RE: Say Anything

The wheels of CS turn slowly these days.

RE: What's your fast food restaurant preference?

None of it.

Nothing beats homemade.

RE: The End of An*l Friday and D*ck Pics

I'm no grandstander.

I prefer to blend in with the crowd, incognito.

...but I will be there watching all your glory rolling on the floor laughing

RE: The End of An*l Friday and D*ck Pics

I'll be in the audience, somewhere, as you drop your trou. laugh

RE: The End of An*l Friday and D*ck Pics

laugh ah, give up? Nah...hardly likely.

I’m just a spectator here. cool

RE: The End of An*l Friday and D*ck Pics

Nice try Mister laugh

Will you men ever give up? roll eyes

RE: What Is One Thing You Are Grateful For

I really don’t deserve any accolades, KB, aside from my cynicism.

A smooth sea never made for a skilful sailor. We either sink or swim, and, as brutal as it can be at times, we don’t grow unless challenged. You’ve had your fair share of struggles too, though you have weathered the storm remarkably well.

You’re right, however, with the f*ck ‘em attitude, and sometimes it shows laugh

RE: What Is One Thing You Are Grateful For

And it goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway: I’m grateful for the simple pleasures in life. Being able to provide a roof for my family and food on the table, without having to prostitute myself to do so, the sun on my back when I go for a walk, listening to our native bird, my kid’s laughter. Ah, I could go on, but I won’t. I know when to stop prattling on. And I’m sure I was only to mention ONE thing I’m grateful for. Does my response win me a Ms CS world crown?

No? A crying shame. I’m so gutted.

RE: What Is One Thing You Are Grateful For

I am grateful for my perceptive ability. It allows me to see what others may not see, the insincerity of this world. In that regard, as much as it is a blessing, it’s a curse also.


For So Long


I’ve Been Waiting


I Am Ready.


Yes! Yes! Yes!

RE: What does it mean when someone tells you ......

Yes, true....though it's also something I'd convey to a romantic interest, in the early stages.

So, if Gal goes with your interpretation, and backs away, he may potentially confuse his lady friend.... and an opportunity lost perhaps?

I'd get clarification on it first.

Just my thoughts Bo.


RE: What does it mean when someone tells you ......

There's only one way to find out for sure, and that's to ask her what she meant, if you're confused.

I think this is where we all get into trouble....we can misinterpret messages.

Texting is a great way to confuse a message.

Pick up the phone, and talk with her.

At least, that's what I would do, in a similar situation.


RE: What does it mean when someone tells you ......

Hey Tru hug

Hope all is well with you.


RE: What does it mean when someone tells you ......

Yeah, I did notice that Kersey.

Not sure why it has to be that way dunno

Maybe it's the Men are from Mars, Women from Venus thing.

...and perhaps at our ages, trust issues have come into play from previous poor experiences? Dunno confused


RE: What does it mean when someone tells you ......

Just talk to her Gal.

Take her out for a coffee....keep it casual, but if you're feeling the same way, let her know.

Just don't go OTT with it.

....and then if she responds positively, take it from there.....ask her out on a date.

All the best.

RE: What does it mean when someone tells you ......


What she really means is: she always enjoys the time spent together and you are very special to her.


I’d say take it to level 2, if you haven’t already.

RE: Last to post wins

Blardy ludicrous!

You're one of the good blokes on here.

Don't let this beat ya. x

RE: Frequency. A question.

Subtle and lookin.....nah....mis-match.

Gotta go...

I've got lunch to make....

...and art supplies to buy.

Catch ya later Wonlong. wave


RE: Frequency. A question.


Excuse the pun, but did I really screw it with my comments? sigh

RE: Frequency. A question.

Lookin is forever trying his luck......laugh

RE: Frequency. A question.

True dat.

It may not be an issue initially, but with time....

....and if I was an expert on relationships, I wouldn't be tapping this keyboard myself.

RE: Frequency. A question.


I'll be frank with you.

I had to end an otherwise loving 3 year relationship, due to this issue.

It can be very frustrating for both.

As much as I tried to work at other aspects of the relationship, it didn't work in that one area.

It drove us both nutty.

If I ever enter into another partnership, I'll be making sure we are sexually compatible.

RE: Frequency. A question.

Wha? You mean no nookie tonight?

Yet another headache moping


I wouldn't fret about it. Don't make too much of an issue out of it for yourself. With age, comes a natural slowing down of desires. Not for all, but for some, and this can lead to mismatched libidos which has ended many an otherwise decent relationship.

Find someone who is compatible for U in and out of the bedroom.

RE: Is it impolite for a woman…to talk with her mouth full?


They say perseverance is the key....laugh

Although, they also say: sometimes it's best not to say anything at all.

You got further than most, on here.....laugh

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