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Boris Johnson resigns2,673191Jul 7
Movies, your favorite(s) and why?3,600202May 21
TV SERIES, what's your favorite?54735Jul 29
Highlights of your place and or travels (if any)2,066123Apr 20
The effects of recession1564Jul 29
America is destroyed5,774316Apr 8
Who's next as PM of UK?3,818313Jul 7
Why homelessness is a big world problem84931Jul 3
Johnny Depp won1,20686Jun 1
Twitter and Musk. Looks like the deal is going through at 44 billion US dollars72853Apr 25
What turns you off4,269227Apr 14
What turns you on3,262217Apr 14
What a joke this stupid Biden is31514May 11
Military Industrial Complex and how it shapes the world47531Apr 29
WW3, are we in the verge of breaking it?1,19174Apr 21
Are you pro Ukraine? or are you for Russia, why?1,88778Apr 17
After Russia conquers Ukraine, what's next?2,020134Apr 17
Retirement place or country68544Apr 21
Gender identity in sports52526Apr 2
Capitalism and how it enhances progress1761Apr 3
66 percent of millenials in America are unaware of Auschwitz50915Jan 2019
So back to business6536Jan 2019
What truly turns you on Part 28,064259Dec 2017
Enlightenment: a non politics thread1,56762Jan 2019
what truly turns you off55,0481,174Aug 2015
ALEXA and it's creators (programmers)98438Dec 2018
This thread is for Trump lovers only11,829440Aug 2018
Build the wall.3622Jan 2019
WE WANT TRUMP2,84893Dec 2018
Every politician MUST be investigated1,86969Dec 2018
Marrying for money4,386177Dec 2018
Russia's violation of INF4276Dec 2018
I am grateful5,822146Aug 2018
Stopping birth right citizenship5,628240Oct 2018
Kavanaugh, hurray. Justice is served2,36764Oct 2018
The swamp that Trump is draining93721Sep 2018
Justice must be served10,531439Feb 2018
(LDR) Long Distance Relationship4,616177Aug 2018
Breaking up2,05165Aug 2018

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