I am Finally Free

sinking in the maelstrom
of tumultuous thoughts
caught in the rage of storms
blizzards of gales unforgiving
as your bipolar moods
like prisms of light so blinding
grinding me so frayed
down to the core of my bones
even as wasted and hopeless
I have become
it's my time to turn around
unflinching and untiring
no more giving up
I will face you head on
oh mighty and brutish shadow
oh wicked and diabolical
spirit of my past
I have had enough
it's time for me to be free
to be solo again
facing my future on my own
alone, and even if I fail
over and over again
I will not be your slave
anymore, I am so done
I will not succumb
this time
nor will I run ever again
God is my witness
I am finally free.

I will move on.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 2014
About this poem:
hello my friends I love you all..
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I want to stand with you

I posted this in 2013 and felt the urge of posting it again.

Under my username as Summerwind, (aka windyweatherly), which I replaced in honor of the person who meant so much to me then.

With special thanks to Ondos who created this video.

Dedicated to all those in pain, like me and those who make the difference like my friend, Tess and Reguiny. Phil you taught me a lot and I am blessed to have met and be your friend.

Forever grateful,

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2015
About this poem:
Thanks all for your read and comments.
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Should we keep our minds


So the world thrives

In ignorance

Or should we undo

our silence

So the corrupt

Ends their arrogance?
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2014
About this poem:
Must we stand up and expres how we feel about things that are making us uncomfortable?

I do. If it's for the betterment of humanity, I will not forgo any chances that solicits change.

Thanks All for your reads and comments
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my first haiku

singing in the rain
sun shines brilliantly
and the flowers bloom...

my heart loved you
together forever
she appeared, and love died...

I was walking alone
a car pulled over
we landed in Paris with laughter
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 2014
About this poem:
I hope it works...
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Time doesn't always heal

I wanted to believe
time does the healing
and that pain would hurt no more
but...it's been over a thousand days
a million minutes
and still
my heart is as broken as the prism
scattered amongst the pages
of my unwritten litany
I'm not looking forward
to seeing you, even in my dreams
but neither would I desire your
uninvited visit in my mind
I just want time to heal the wound
so I can move on..

is that too much to ask?
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 2017
About this poem:
Just a fleeting thought
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my tomorrow

tonight I go to sleep
as though I have no more tomorrow
tonight I'll breath as well
like would be my last
for I feel as though
I've no more place to go
yet rest assured
all the thoughts that come
singing and dancing on my mind
are those that you and I wove
when our love was almost pure
and divine

for now as yet again
night after night like the wind
you're the one
that puts me to my sleep
and when tomorrow comes
I'd witness again
the bleeding sun birthing
as if with it, you'd come marching in
my heart with its heavy breathing
hoping, my waiting...
is never in vain.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2014
About this poem:
Just remembering. A most potent memory.
Thanks for all your reads.
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Justice is served

Wailing losers you are
liars, users and blind
you fail to recognize
you have no place in this land

Trump is the president
all he does for the people
is serving with purpose to
quash you all

You that are deplorable

Now KAVNAUGH is confirmed
your drama is done
you should all go to hell
and should all be burned

Pelosi, Feinstein
and all the stupid, blind democrats
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 7
About this poem:
we won
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humanity, we're losing it

humanity where are we?
in full gear, fully armed
we are on the war path
and directly heading to be damned
Paris, a city of beauty and light
accosted by the atrocities
of what is wrong and unjust

have we gone berserk
have we lost our minds?
have we embraced the dark
and forget there is light?
oh what an excuse, imperialist
here and there:
making the rich live in decadence
while the poor and wretched live lower than dirt?

you have forgotten
this day has been prophesied
it has been written and destined
alas, the eighty percent in jubilation
thinking it is their redemption
perhaps, it is..

but oh no, this is the mark
the progression of the "haves"
at the expense of the have "nots"
sure, laugh at me, I face your contempt
it is my fault for not standing up
as you remain silent to my pleas

the time has come
let us face and dance
your God and my God,
is one and the same

but my right to live,
my freedom,
doesn't make any difference
we're both born naked
and back to dust no more no less
one and the same..rotten
buried in the same dirt.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2015
About this poem:
a poem I just thought of, amidst the heinous acts committed in Paris

Thanks all for your read.
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for Obama

you are full of nonesense
you don't know what it takes to end this
you have been using the same strategy
based on crippling these terrorists?
yet on the back of your mind,
nothing changes?
Insanity, even I know, as it was said:
doing the same thing over and over again
and yet expecting different result?
you have to be out of your mind.
sure you promise to reinforce more
of what you have done.

fact is: you can bleed them dry
cut off the fuel that sparks their guts
annihilate them before they wipe us

didn't you say, this attack is against humanity?
and yet you are standing there talking nonsense?

on top of that, you are claiming that:
ISIS doesn't represent Islam,
yet how do you explain that when the attack is done.
they are shouting, "allah akbar?
whatever that means?

they claim they do it in the name of their god
and here you are saying, it is not?

you are deaf and blind, but not stupid and dumb.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2015
About this poem:
I might be wrong but he just claimed this fight is not about Islam,
yet he fails to address that when an attack is done,
it is claimed to glorify their god?

Note: in the mechanics of politics, he does work on pleasing both the original 13 groups that run our government of whom control the commercialism and profit induced ventures (Rockefellers, Magnin, Rosenthals...) and the lowly like you and me.

Not easy and don't get me wrong, I am not implying that our ideology and principles are bad compared to socialist, fascist governments of the world. No all I am saying is, we can do better. He can stop this madness should he choose to. Stop the evil brainwashing of these monsters to young kids who will carry their goal (suicide bombers), they are just as victims and you and me. Educate them as young that no God, allow anyone to harm anybody, let alone, kill. Easy. Isolate them and change the system.
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Humanity's future

Bleak without my freedom
Choice I was given none
Out of fear you trod away
Resigned from it all
Submission to defeat
A call you obliged to
At the expense of my future
In the hands of bigots
terror clad robbers
An offering of my guts and
Spilled my lifeless body
In a cup of sand covered with blood.

Over my dead body will I lose sight of my children's future.

We have as much right to be who we are and I will fight till my last breath is charged protecting that right, wouldn't you?
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2016
About this poem:
In honor of a world we once knew which will disappear because of our indifference and nonchalance.

It's easier to accept defeat especially for those who are weak.
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The show must go on

Come to me all you insulting people.
Come and unleash your vitriol
I must possess something that fires up your hate
And my presence hypes up your excitement

You'll never find anything good on my posts
Nor can you see anything beneficial in my opinions
Like a snake you prey upon me
While your loyal fleet of armies join you for the kill

Ah but I know deep inside of you
You are weak and coiled in pain
Lert me tell you one last time
Your efforts are all wasted in vain.

And I, own the last laugh....

This is dedicated to those that will never see the truth.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2017
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bowl of sorrows no more

I bathed
in the bowl of your sorrow
I swam
in the pool of your pain
I sang in the melody
of your sufferings
I danced in the world
of your complaints
I slept in the bed of
your confusion
I hoped that light will
beam in the canvas
of your dreams
and so....
I invited you to walk with me
holding my hand in yours
you accepted it with happiness
and for a while
strolled in the valley of joys
the devil reappeared
who's presence
was always in your realms
darkness engulfed
you are marked
and clutched
never to be free...
had you dancing
in her tiny, wicked little fingers.

if only I knew
I wouldn't have wasted
my time
letting you danced
with my heart
my soul and my mind..

But.. it is so over
And thank God..we are very done.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 2014
About this poem:
I am so new..Hello new world..

I love you all my friends
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