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My Trip

I went on a Caribbean Cruise with my son Dec. 2-9. Had a wonderful time! Flew from Milwaukee, WI. to Miami, Fl. We boarded a Norwegian Cruise Lines ship called the Getaway! The ship was only 2 or 3 years old.

The staff and crew were excellent! Lots of restaurants and bars on board. A cafeteria, with good food, was open from early morning to early evening! Sang Karaoke 3 of the nights! That was fun! All of our food and drinks were paid for in a special package!

If you have an opportunity to make a cruise, I highly recommend it! Great fun and relaxation!

Bon voyage!

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Jim, it's one of my favorite trip. Cruise that is. The food, shows and the sight seeings. I took the MSC Divina two years ago and ports of the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and the Bahamas.

March is my favorite month because of the weather.

Family cruises are the best. cheers
Glad you enjoyed yourself.cheering
Norwegian is one of the best cruises (besides Disney if you have kids)

The Carnival Cruises have the best deals if you want to be on a booze cruise with young people.

A cruise single or married is a great way to enjoy a vacation, I agree.
GJ, always made me nervous to think of being in a hotel which bobbed up and down (and could sink) but you obviously had a good time.

Are there any videos of your karaoke efforts? Could you, would you, post one? cool
"I Was About To Inquire About What Happened To You Jim"

"Thought Maybe That"

"You Had........... "Kicked The Bucket"........................detective
Hi Jim!
Glad to read about your fun time with your son. I went for a trip a couple of weeks or so ago, it was great...yes, sometimes we need to get away and just forget about everything else. Going away again soon.
Thanks everyone!

I may take another one next winter! Loved the cruise! Will probably stay with Norwegian Cruise lines!
Why are the USA letting Norweigan ships in? Where´s the security, that´s what I want to know!very mad
Namaron, is that your Christmas wish?
Lousy thing to say namarom
Don't worry bluesky nam will write numerous blogs about his slip up and how everyone has chosen to attack him...



It must be good fun alright. There were two very friendly men who lived next door to me and they were forever going 'cruising'. I think it was a ship with a cowboy theme because they were always going off in leather chaps.
applause applause applause

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