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Hurray for spring......almost.

Sunset occurs today near me at 5:50 pm.
It was not long ago, that it was at 4:50 pm.
This means we already have another hour of daylight. applause

There is only 14 more days until spring is officially here. head banger
Indeed, spring training (MLB) kicked off yesterday in Florida.

The season will be soon upon us. dancing

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How do you post video and photos? I followed the instructions and it didn't work :/
scold the sun also rises an hour Earlier - You've gained TWO Hours.

I'm goin' out on a limb & guessing you're Good with that ... dunno

It'll be Really noticeable in a couple weeks when Daylight Saving Time kicks in & you'll get a THIRD hour of sunlight ... cool


Mar. 1 is the start of Meteorological Spring smile Astronomical Spring begins Mar. 20.

I believe the only place you can post videos from is

Pick out the video you want and while watching it, copy the full web address from within your browser.

Then go to the comment box on CS and paste that web address into the comment box.

Then you have a choice. The easy way is to highlight the web address you just pasted into the comment box and then click on the "YOUTUBE" button below the comment box.
That will put the correct posting codes before and after the web address you pasted.

Then just submit the result.

The other way is to actually type the correct posting coded before and after the web address you pasted.

If I type the correct codes here, you won't see them, because the program 'sees' them as instructions, rather than text. So, I will place a blank space between each character.
To work the characters have to be adjacent to both the web address and each other.

For example, here is the web address for the 2nd Youtube video I wanted to include in my blog;

In front of the web address (starting with the bracket) would go; [ y o u t u b e ] and after the web address would go; [ / y o u t u b e ]
After the spaces are taken out (or not put in), this is the code to turn on and then turn off the instructions, that the web address is for a youtube video

So, with the spaces so you can see the whole thing it would be;

[ y o u t u b e ] [ / yo u t u b e ]

Simply taking out all the spaces results in;

[ youtube][/youtube ]

Nope. I neglected to remove the very first space after the first [ and the last space
after the last ]
If I now remove those 2 spaces;

Thus, we see the video, rather than the instructions.
I just put the spaces in, so you could see the correct codes, rather than the program interpreting it as commands.

Obviously, when you do this, you don't type in spaces. It was just for demonstration purposes.

A similar situation is for photos. But instead of youtube & /youtube

It is IMG and /IMG

The image has to be hosted somewhere else 24/7. It could be a website, or
an image hosting website. For instance, I use to host images.
You have to register for your account there, if you want to do the same.
If the image (i.e. photo) is already on a website that is displayed 24/7 (all the time),
can copy the web address (image location) for the photo and use that instead.

For instance,


Embedded image from another site

when I place [ img]

and take out that first space after the first [

Like with the youtube video, you can instead paste the image location and then highlight it
and click on the "IMG" button at the bottom of the comment box.

Either way will work. Give it a try. tip hat
I'm fine with that. However, I am retired and thus, am rarely up at sunrise. sleep
Although, when I was with that sexy Cuban girl in Florida several years ago,
she often got me up to photograph sun rises.
To me they look exactly like sunsets and are more annoying to go see. sigh laugh
Willy, celebrate it, however you like. laugh
We don't get much "Spring" anymore. It seems we go from cold to hot. Between now and June, we may get a few "Springlike" days and then June comes and we get 80 degrees and we're off to summer. I remember going to an outdoor concert a few years back. It was in May and the windchill that evening was 10 degrees. I don't count on anything warm til at least June. dunno
Yeah, the storms are more violent too.
Unfortunately, it's part of global climate change.

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