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I don't know if you have seen this funny show. If not, I recommend it.

I loved the show 'Whose Line is it Anyway', because the audience would choose topics and then the comedians would act out a combination of those topics. It was terrific ad lib comedy.

Long before that, there was 'Hollywood Squares'.
It had 9 boxes and the contestants tried to play tic tac toe,
by getting 3 boxes correct in a row. Each box had a Hollywood star,
who would answer a question. First they would give a joke answer
and then would give what they felt was the correct answer.
The contestants would take turns guessing if their real answer was correct or not.

Well most recently, there is a show called 'Funny You Should Ask'.
It has a somewhat similar scenario, but without the tic tac toe aspect.
Comedians and other somewhat famous people first give a joke answer
and then what they think is the right answer and again the contestants alternate guessing whether the answer they gave was correct or not.

It's quite funny. For instance, the episode I just got done with had 6 stars including John Lovitz and Louie Anderson.

Here's 4 of the questions and the joke answer from tonight's show;

#1. True or false, a company recently was making make-up from human corpses.

Joke answer = Yeah, well, maybe it's Maybelline, or maybe it's your late great Aunt Mabel.

#2. Georgia is known as the state of 3 p's, Peaches, Peanuts and ..... ?

Joke answer = Incestual Pregnancies.

#3. True or False, According to Homes & Gardens magazine, the most dangerous room in a home is the bathroom.

Joke Answer = Yes ! Especially after I use it after eating chilli.

#4. What animal has a nickname of 'Whistle Pigs' ?

Joke answer = Construction workers !

There's an initial round of ~ 5 questions each for each contestant and they get $100 for each one they get right. Then, there's a second round where they double that to $200 each for each right answer.
And the winner then get an third championship round.
So, there's lots of opportunity for laughter. cheers

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The TV show 'Whose Line is it Anyway' screened in SA many moons ago. Was entertaining. thumbs up

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