New word: shrinkflation...

Shrinkflation describes manufacturers making small changes to products, usually in quantity or size so the selling price remains the same.
An example would be a “Party Size” bag of corn chips used to be 18 ounces and now it's 15.5 ounces.

I noticed this with the bar soap I've been using for years. It was out of stock in a few stores for months and now the bars are smaller but the box is the same size.

Expect more of shrinkflation to come!
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The Quaker Oats Oatmeal packets, used to have 10 in the box...Now, it only has 8.

They did that with disposable diapers all the time when my children were babies.
I think this has been happening for years. The first time I noticed a big change was in the Cadbury Easter eggs that came in two varieties: Creme and Caramel. The price remained the same, but the eggs were half the size. Good blog!
You need to know everything by price per 100g/ml. It's the only way to be sure. But I'm not sure how much longer they can carry on. Everybody know about inflation now, it would be simpler to raise prices.
I noticed here they're doing both. Shrinking the content and also raising the price. Potato chips are the worst
The other day I opened a bag of potato chips and there was about six of them inside. I believe the air pumped into the bag weighed more than the chipsmumbling

Fun fact: If you switch from bar soap to liquid soap you'll never have to deal with soap scum again. In your sink or shower. Surprising how many people don't realize that and continue to use nasty bar soap.
I've got a small pump bottle of diluted dish washing liquid in the bathroom sink. It's got antibacterial chemicals in it so face washing gets bar soap.
The potato chip bag reminds me of my mother's friend. She always felt they were cheating her because the bags were full of air. I explained it's intentional so the chips don't get crushed in handling/transport.
My grandmother said the same thing. I live at 4200 feet so the bags always look like they could explode at any moment.
A neighbor pointed that out probably 15 years ago. Check out coffee cans. One pound can, weight had dropped to 13 ounces. Same can. Less coffee. Then later it had dropped to 11 ounces. Scam? Or they figured we wanted the larger can for nails?laugh
Went to Dollar Tree a bit ago. HA..they got in carpet foam cans. Grabbed one..??What is the ones on other shelf above. HUH!mumbling Big can versus NEW little can. So grabbed 3 of the big. Canned mackerel. Regular size can for 1.25. Went back...littler can for 1.25.
They think people are idiots. Sorry..we see what you are doing.
What is aggravating is not the scam as much as there are certain things that are used by volume or weight. So when they mess with those, it throws off what may be being made with the product.
Guess cooks have to go back to a pinch, a glug and a splash or glop.dunno
Less cereal in boxes. Less sheets of toilet paper. Simple. Less food, less need for Toilet paper.
Right, you are Willy you're a funny guy........laugh
I noticed the 2-liter bottles of Coke appear to have less soda... maybe 1/2" lower than normal.
The worst thing is what can we do about it? Anything?
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