Mr. Potato head releases new green rules.

Yesterday, the press released the White Houses new green initiative. No longer will staff be allowed to use motor transportation. In an effort to help the over population out west of horses, a number have been ordered sent to DC. They will be broken to ride or pull buggies. The presidential limo will be parked and a new carriage ordered for the first families use. As well as transport for the POTUS.
Electricity will be curtailed in the White House. Bee hives are being set up on the grounds to provide the bees wax candles that will now light up the building. Porta potties will be installed and hot water will be turned off. Water will be limited to taps only. The contents of the potties will be composted for use in the vegetable garden. The south lawn is now being tilled to become the main garden.
The furnaces are being replaced with wood stoves. Each room that has a fire place will not provide heat. A massive wood furnace will be installed below and a wood shed built next to the White House. Kitchen stoves like wise will be replaced with wood ranges.
When the need to travel distances arises, Trains will be used if too far for the carriage. A new sailing ship will be docked near DC if there is a need for the POTUS to go over seas.
The only electricity allowed will be to run refrigeration and the security systems so no one enters illegally nor steals firewood.
An order will be issued by executive order to modify the Washington monument. A wind turbine will be mounted on top to generate electricity.
Congress will be subject to similar rules.
Hurrah for Mr. Potato head.dancing
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Your potato head sounds very much like our own Irish spud one conversing

Realistically they don't care what we've not got once they've got their heads, eyes nose and ears ...
what's our loss is, is not theirs mumbling

And that's all that matters to those mad hatters sigh

Mr. POTaTUS has curtailed US petroleum production ...
Save The Planet, y'all understand.

Petroleum provides the Chemical Feedstocks for some 6,000 products -
Including Fertilizer, Herbicides & Pesticides ... Used to produce Food.

Using the US state of South Dakota as an example -
Wheat & Corn Spring Planting was Reduced by 'bout 1/4 ... wow
That MUST Result in at LEAST a 25? Decrease in Fall Harvest - For OBVIOUS Reasons.

Since agriculture was developed in the Fertile Crescent circa a Helluva Long Time Ago -
Storable Grain has been - And Remains - the Basis of Civilization.

One of the Earliest Examples of the NECESSITY of Grain to Civilization is the Biblical Account {Circa 1450 BCE) of the Seven Year Famine in Egypt & how Joseph saved Egyptian Civilization.

Continents Without indigenous Storable Grain NEVER Advanced much beyond Stone Age Culture prior to contact with Advanced Civilization -
(Sub-Sahara Africa, Australia, North Murka North of Mezo-Ameruca).

Ukraine accounts for 'bout 1/4 of World Grain Export
The Russo-Ukraine War may be Expected to reduce Ukraine Grain Production.

It's Optimistically(???) Estimated Actual FOOD SHORTAGE Won't hit North Murka "'til The End Of The Year".
Did ANY Of Y'all expect to Ever live to see "North Murka" & "Food Shortage" SERIOUSLY used in the Same Sentence??

Where I'm Goin' With This -
POTaTUS (and Vlad The Terrible) are LITERALLY Bringing On The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse -
A Brief (4 Minute) Intro ...
AnyOne who's NOT Scared Right Now does NOT Grasp What The Hell's Goin' On.

Bear in mind, y'all ...
Global Industrial Civilization was on Damned Shaky Ground -
BEFORE POTaTUS & Vlad called out the Apocalyptic Four* -
See the 8 1/2 Minutes 44:00 - 52:30 ...

* The Apocalyptic Four would be a Really Cool name for a Rock Band ... guitar


For y'all snobs Virtue Signaling SAVE THE PLANET! Bullshit with y'all's EVs -
Here's a Sickening dose of Reality-Check

Think whatever one Will of Obama -
This is some of the Best Advice from Any President EVER ...

I think we should change to the United Communist States of America. People nod their heads and say yes master, we will obey. We believe you that it is all for our benefit. That is why our phones are tapped. Why we are told to squeal on each other. Why Texas writes our school books. Our GPS keeps track of where we go and when. Our Smart phones and houses tell our leaders our routine, our jobs, friends, shopping habits and more. We need to reduce and conserve to make sure our elite have their jets, mansions, yachts, high pay and stocks. Oil is a menace. It keeps us traveling, keeps us fed, keeps us warm. We must do without. If cold, we can stand in the sun in winter.mumbling
Orzzz -

Go figure.


cowboy other words..the WOKE are actually Fascists. That fits. Funny how the left is more in tune than the right as he says.
Bottom line is the sheeples plod along after the buckboard waiting for some kernels of corn to be tossed down. And are too blind to look down the road and notice the meat packing plant and pens waiting for them.
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