What's wrong with people

Every evening without fail I am watching Zelensky on our news and each evening it is the same ole same ole...feed me feed me feeeeeed me weapons. Never do I see reports of the real hungers in the world.

Give a brat what he wants and you create a monster ...
But where he is wrong, we have wronged him by NOT leaving him to clean up his own mess, if we HAD the mess the worlds in, would not be as bad.

There is so many wrongs in this war which began with Ukraine people sad flower
but that pity quietened with me when their racist ways snuck in the back door...
or did it?

Correct me if I am wrong but was there a ruling when it came to immigrating, seeking shelter and safety elsewhere, the announcement was Ukraine's first, brown people second, black, last. I have watched footage where people of color have been pushed and turned away and no" I have not watched such footage on the news.... must be something wrong with people when they think such is NOT worth reporting.

I don't know much about political wars or such and reasons.....
but what I do know is right from wrong, what is fair and unjust, what is pride and shame, what it means to win how it feels to lose.

In my books all the wrongs the unjust the shame and loss does not fall on Zelenskys shoulders alone...
its shared with the people who rather feed a man to kill, then feed one, to live sad flower

If you don't like my views....... TOUGH, spare me your complaints talk to hand

Oh' and since its fathers day in Ireland inniu .....
A though for all the fathers that WILL die today sad flower
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Ironic isn't it that the grain fields that Putins tanks are driving around on could well be growing the grain you want to feed the poor
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there is an off button or channel change on the telly roll eyes
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itchy some folk do not like to see civilians being killed recklessly, nor hearing of stories and women being raped by a line of soldiers in front of the kids.
Nor watching hospitals being targeted on purpose.

Dont care what happened before but humanity comes into it.

Ms. Witch, thr effects of poverty is hardly noticed in the first and second world. The effect of political wars affects the world. If we value freedom and the possibility of losing it is prime and high due to this wars, it is important. The world will change to the worse.

I'm not saying poverty isn't an important topic but unlike politics we can change it's course through our votes and participation. Here in the US the force that define that freedom is on our hands. We can change it b fighting for what's right.

I do care about poverty, the question is, who's responsible and how would you fix it?
And if because one can't do the right thing, and though understandable to a point only, it is no excuse for the other to do wrong also, two wrongs don't make it right yet people accept it as being so when they shouldn't.

Right or wrong? Putin is sick as in mentally.....
Zele isn't but in my eyes he's becoming very sickening thumbs down

Anyways enough of my complaints and to you Epirb and your little backing army roll eyes lol
I would be a sour puzz if I couldn't welcome wrong opinions, so tah for yours and thanks also for pointing out what is wrong with some people.

Too many these days more interested in blaming more so than solving.
what ever happened to the days when we seemed united in wanting world peace.
our own faults I suppose for allowing too much division creep in the back door.

Like I've mentioned its father day today so I've mine for visiting rather then baby sitting this here blog but permission Snow" to pick your thoughts later?

Red, catch you later with what it is you are just saying lol wave

Just because I'm Irish Ms Jones...
lets not confuse me with being a relation of Sir Bob Geldof roll eyes

Anyways a happy fathers to all the fathers of the world.... beer
I'm not in the mood for continuing on with this blog so I shan't be returning Like I've said...
In other words, I'm putting this one to bed.

So G'night.
Seeing life through state approved rose tinted glasses is never as harsh as seeing life through gasses that are technicolour in all its splendour and ugliness. Most peoples seem to prefer the state approved rose tinted glasses. Good postthumbs up
Totally agree with your stance on that Zelenskyy.
He is a puppet being used by the west to boost their economies mainly by supporting the proxy war and then the billions and billions of dollars used to replenish the stock that was so generouly donated to Ukraine just to keep the war going. Human lives lost is of minor consequence.
It's all about money. Zelenskyy was ordered to beg for weapon donations and the more he gets the greater the rewards for him at the end.
Every life lost in Ukraine is blood on the west's hands.
Condor & Luke, cheers for the comments ....
but I'm asleep sleep
Too many these days more interested in blaming more so than solving.
what ever happened to the days when we seemed united in wanting world peace.
our own faults I suppose for allowing too much division creep in the back door.

The world is the world, always has been, always will be, the only word that is true
is SEEMED, nothing changes, or rearranges, look and see, realise and just be!
"Every life lost in Ukraine is blood on the west's hands"

Damn and here I thought like Trump -Putin was a genius and just pretended he was doing a public announcement service instead of an invasion.rolling on the floor laughing

But it was the west that did the invading? Well maybe we can say we are doing our own public announcement service. We should apologize to Putin for not letting him colonize Eastern Europe like the Soviets did. Germany should give him Berlin again too! A lot of Russians want Alaska back too! Have for decades - I'm not joking about that one folks.
I also miss those days, but that was the river, this is the sea.
We can't unsee the unjustice from our own side now, some of us.
Hence Putin should at least be listened to if not fully understood.
I hope you mean differing opinions , a lot of the grain from Ukraine goes to Africa . They need it because of the effects on their economy's of an earlier Russian expansionism in the guise of freeing African states from imperialism . Look no further than Rhodesia , once a major exporter that can no longer feed its own people .
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Indeed Epirb I did handshake

As I've already mentioned, I've reasons for opting out of this blog.....
however rather then delete it, I'll just leave it run instead.

G'day tip hat
bump roll eyes

So our presidents wife Sabina, recited a poem .....
it got removed and banished and we are told by the Ukraine ambassador in Ireland not to express our views on their war, in resolving and seeking peace.

well hello and excuse me but that bloody well gets my back up, we're expected to put roofs over their heads, food in their bellies, but in the meantime, keep our mouths shut....
tut-tut and how do, but I see a MASSIVE wrong with that flex

Our emergency accommodation is at its compacity, a hotel a walk away from me is where many of the homeless dwelled, but over the weekend all have been removed elsewhere to allow accommodation to all the still incoming Ukraine refugees... mumbling

Note to self typing
find out tomorrow what became of the removed because I find that VERY wrong as well.

RANT over.... so G'night sleep
“It's all about money. Zelenskyy was ordered to beg for weapon donations and the more he gets the greater the rewards for him at the end.”

What exactly “rewards” Zelensky gets “at the end” of what???
I know this comment ain't directed at me but roll eyes

What Zelensky gets at the end of it is cover on rolling stone Vogue doh

Only the dead have seen the end of war. Conflict has been present on this planet since humans have been on it. War is not about who's right....it's about who's left. You will never be able to make sense of why a conflict starts, no matter how hard you analyze it. All you can do is be thankful you're not involved in one, because you'll seriously doubt religion of any kind when you see what humans can do to other humans in the course of conflict.
Mr Still, I'm not a war head either wine

but not involved, if only it were kept that way without involving others doh
I, for one, am glad you haven't turned in just yet. VERY pleasant to look at, and listen to.
turned in as in going to bed?
not just yet, I'm too busy turning back time wink

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