Why is it that I find women attractive who show a knowledge of outer space and who are excited about the science of new discoveries?
Is it because they are the intelligent members of the human race, and they know the importance of such a subject?
Is it because they are the real thinkers and make other topics insignificant?
Perhaps you can explain this feeling.
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I find this to be true for men too.

Maybe because we're "sapios-----"?
Whenever you feel the need for actual wisdom
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Hi miss wonderful. Check mail.
Had to look up sapious. Means wisdom if I'm correct. Thanks for improving my vocabulary knowledge.
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Well...not exactly what i meant...
The whole word is "Sapiosexual". Meaning someone who is attracted to the brain and intelligence

I wrote a blog once aniut this and found that quite a few people on this site - including myself - are sapiosexuals

Does it make sense?
Another word for me, not heard of before. Thanks. What makes me laugh on this site are the number of women who describe themselves as simple. I'm just a simple woman, they say. Do they assume then that they are going to be appealing and not in anyway demanding? Part of a relationship should be the ability to communicate well and express feelings. I suppose when I see women talk with a depth of knowledge and almost excited about their subject, their enthusiasm makes them attractive in my eyes.
That's how I feel too about men and their intelligence, being able to have stimulating conversations without being a bore.

Sense of humour and wit also helps.

Maybe I should bring that blog up again, hey?
You understand me then. The development of the James Webb telescope and the enthusiasm and excitement of the contributors, particularly the ladies, was the prompting for this blog. But all space exploration where ladies have deep interest is appealing.
There are also two presenters of documentaries, usually about ancient Rome, Egypt etc. I find extremely watchable. Bettany Hughes and Liz Bronin.
Yes Crown, I understand what you mean, and can also relate to this.wink
hi my handsome.... loveyou

my blog song... just for you
bob marley... kiss lips wink
Thank you. That's two songs you owe me. Shania Twain also. Remember?
Have two from me:-
Tim McGraw.........You Turn Me On / Hard on The Ticker.

laugh thumbs up
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Liner note. | .hal is the perfect man.- Lakeswirl...via the Intercontinental Google payload.
Agent b
Read your paging BLUE9 blog. Intimidator sleeps with the fishes.
I think the thing of learning is a big part of every persons life, the bigger the picture we are learning about the bigger it makes us feel;; learning about space now that's pretty big picture with hints of uncertainty, space has almost the same uncertainty as the spiritual picture..

When it comes to the perfect partner i guess learning about the same things would be ideal, but i think we may be trying to teaching what we know from many different high and mighty soap boxes;; for instants the soap boxes of age, race, religion, sex and tradition with the highest of pride;; if a person breaks this great pride then its usually melt down time for the teacher..
I think we all love to learn but have problems learning lessons from certain people, and learning some of the most basic every day things..
Learning from someone who has great enthusiasm, belief and knowledge, and who is ready to accept challenges in life is an attractive person.
Right on Crown, a person that knows they are still learning too is a comfortable person to learn from/with..
Should we be surprised when women show an interest in a subject that some people would consider to be a male topic? Does this make females more attractive and demonstrate that they also think and go places not normally expected?
Yes and no Crown, being interested in a subject is one thing;; bringing things that relate to the subject shows better involvement and seriousness...
Sapiosexual. Liking people for their brain and intelligence? Does that mean if an AI robot had the ability to hold an intelligent conversation with you, and it had the appearance of a human, you would find it attractive? Or maybe not even having human appearance?
Women on this site appear to be uninterested in the conquest of space and the pioneering attitude of those that do show an enthusiasm for such knowledge.
Maybe we should create more AI robots based on the Stepford design and launch them to work in space station. They may get on well with any aliens they encounter, who could themselves be of artificial construction. Aliens would think all women were like Stepford type and report back to their planets.
Are women interested in space exploration and the possibility of alien encounters? The potential to engage with aliens and discover more about why and how we got here? It appears that this desire rests only with a minority. Make up, Botox, fashion and what colour leggings you wear is the number one priority with the majority of women today. Perhaps you are different? There maybe a few out there who think beyond the mundane.
When Shania Twain, said:

"Man, I feel like a woman"

Was she being gender fluid?


Or was it a bit too back in time, for that stuff?

Twain also had a song called, The woman in me needs the man in you.
But she also had, Any man of mine.
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