Lamborghini crash...

I caught a local news story about the driver of a Lamborghini who was speeding and ran a stop sign. He was T-boned by a Nissan SUV that caused the Lamborghini to flip an land on a house.

A mistake in the reporting:
(1:45 seconds) "the person in the 2nd car who was hit by the Lamborghini..."
No lady HE hit the Lamborghini, not the other way around.

The driver of the Lamborghini fled the scene, which is a felony in the state of Florida.

Link to Yahoo story:
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Terrific video. I watched it a few times. So stupid to run away of course he could have stolen the car but if he is the owner, it will be easy enough to track him down.
horrific damage to the house, the big Suv survived with dignity. Why break a light ? Drugs, drink, doh
That is my favorite car. That idiot wreck it before making a donation to me.
He could have just ran because he was dazed and confused
One reader commented they believe he left the scene because he was under the influence and would have been arrested on the spot. Disappearing and showing up at a hospital a while later bought some time.
Almost a miracle that no one was killed. I am betting the driver was under the influence...
Holy cow - what lucky survivors. The video should get the stop sign runner arrested, I hope, of course this is FL and we let villans get away.
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