At least, he DID know his name...

It's reported Donald Trump pleaded the fifth more than 440 times yesterday during his New York deposition. The only question he answered was his name.

Maybe he knows 'The Mob'

Always the comments are more entertaining than the news link:

"But would about Hillary's emails?" Well she was deposed for many hours around 11, answered every single question and never pleaded the 5th once.
But somehow she is still considered guilty by the republicans while saying Trump is innocent and being picked on.

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You know that people won't accept this as a fair trial even if it was. It would be risky even if the establishment was a winner not to mention one that has brought the western world to the brink of eternal night. The proper don't look proper they look like a pretentious waste of space bent on self-annihilation, they look like the last days of Rome. But the thing is this can be true and Trump still be guilty.
The problem for you is that Trump is a symptom of a failed establishment not the cause thereof. It was a protest against the proper and the usual leading us to disaster. The disaster was already there to remove the protest against it is not going to make it all alright

If the IRS finds Trump guilty if tax evasion, the case against him will be black and white.
Personally I don't like the popular right I think they'll say anything and words don't mean a thing to them. And if only the western world existed they wouldn't be happening but this is not the case. Our winners look like the captain of the titanic, you could call it a winner for being captain but we still all drown. That's the problem we have. The social superiors are completely and entirely unworthy anyway that's why you've got Trump.
What I really don't like is the talk of saints and satanic paedophiles and I wish to promote the lesser of two evils way of looking at things. I don't know how tenable this is as the more desperate people get the more they see the world as angels and demons instead of humanity. I don't want to go on about the travesties of justice and then be all over capital punishment like it was the best thing in the world the moment the shoe was on the other foot. But this is what will happen.
ChesneyChrist, I'm convinced you're a bot.

For years, your responses here and other blogs have been less-than coherent.
That's got to be the only answer I can come up with.
This is true , a Democrat trick is to pretend they don’t understand anything they dont agree with, Joe Biden has taken that to. A new level. post here more , your insights are most welcome handshake
Trump will be remembered for many positive things long after he's gone. You will be remembered for.......nothing.
To be fair, he did say that..and, now he has said now he understands why they pleaded the fifth...

He is following his attorneys’ advice..Just as we all should.
I know what Trump said, but the author of the blog made a smart a** insinuation that is clearly his M.O. in all things Trump.
And, I do not have to be like that in return.

You see..I do not belong or support one party...

I try to see what is best for my country.

I do not like many of the making fun of Biden’s mental capacities either. I feel sorry for him..

But, that is just me...
Yeah ChesneyChrist, post here more.

Ray, thanks for taking the lead and inviting him to my blogs... very cordial.
Sorry I was occupied with other things and it slipped my mind.

thumbs up
Right, and you are the super hero today.

What possessed you to make such a brilliant comment??
What's your Modus Operandi?
Sadly, his supporters are so taken in by this man that Jesus Christ himself could bear witness against him and they still wouldn’t believe it was true, despite professing to be good Christians. How any Christian could support him is beyond me and how any woman worth her salt could believe in such a sexist, misogynistic prat I am genuinely at a loss with that one. But, hey, we Brits are no better, Boris Johnson also has a huge following in Britain, despite people having proof of his duplicity. Could it be that we are so desperate for a leader, any leader in these troubled times that we’re prepared to overlook their blatant abuse of their position, law breaking and even treason in favour of “ better the devil you know than the one you don’t”!
Let's not forget that back in February, Trump's accounting firm resigned stating that his financial disclosures should no longer be relied upon.


another Link:
And after a visit from FBI they proclaimed Orange Man Bad crying crying crying
Ray, are you saying you lost that warm-fuzzy feeling?
Since Biden is president it’s more of an itchy skin irritation, hopefully not monkey pox doh
Itchy skin? Start here:

Embedded image from another site
Speaking of itchy skin...

"Allen Weisselberg, The Trump Organization’s chief financial officer is coming close to reaching a plea deal in a case investigating whether he funneled off-the-books income to himself and other executives at the company..."

"Prosecutors had hoped that Weisselberg would eventually testify against Trump himself but ultimately refused, despite the potential deal being reached."

"The case is being investigated by the Manhattan District Attorney’s office, who filed 15 criminal charges against Weisselberg and the Trump Organization, including fraud, conspiracy and falsifying business records."

They sit on the blogs pissing on about Trump..They were all as poor as shit when Trump was in office all complaining how they couldn't afford to eat..One blogger lived on bloody soup bones

Trump didn't add to the wall which turned into a bloody fence..he just replaced what the Dems already had in place

Always wanting people to donate

The list goes on & on & on

Having multiple o*gasm about Trump on the blogs has nothing to do with blogging

It's a an unhinged shrine for Trump..It's demented sick shit

You can easily find this link.

You will probably also find that he said words to the effect "It's better to work with them [the Mob] than try to fight them." cool

In his defence he only had two choices.
I hear you...nothing worse than having older adults singing the praise of Trump...It makes me sick...that filapina banana is the worst...say hi to the captain for
I saw that on American TV and indeed our own here in Ireland last night. It seems counter productive to take the 5th Amendment to so many questions, is this not just prolonging the agony ?
The above was meant for your other blog

Anyhoo there are videos of Trump making fun of people pleading the 5th.

To me if you can't tell the truth you will plead the 5th
We know when the Trumplodytes are feeling cornered when we see them resurrecting old Biden blogs written by members who have been banned and then adding their deep, thoughtful emoji comments.

You're barking in the wind folks and you're too gullible to see it. Keep sending him money and singing his (delusional) praises. Loyalty is a one-way street for Donald Trump.
@chesney an outstanding piece of incoherence - who would have thought you could outdo previous remarkable masterful gibberish!? Bravo Bravo!
I haven't found anyone who admits to having donated to any of Trumps causes.
Not election, not re-election, not legal fees, not grifter rally. Nothing.
Hilary deleted 33,000 emails that had been under subpoena, smashed the devises with hammers and wiped the computer with bleach bit. Had an illegal server in the closet of her home that was found to have classified information on it and had been hacked by at least a few known countries.
phat, I'm beginning to believe you've been assimilated by the BORG.

Embedded image from another site

Trump appears at a hearing about his TAXES and all the Republicans can do is recite things reportedly that Hillary did.

You left out what's his name's laptop.

For that matter, when discussed about Trump having top secret classified documents in an unsecured room at his residence, someone has to blurt our Hillary's emails.
Phat you must remember this is a two tiered system and that is ok with Trump haters, Barton’s room was searched and Hunter threw a gun into the trash
C'mon Ray, I hope you don't think I hate Trump.
Several times I've mentioned he's 'world class'
Who's Barton?
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