AGING - a Blessing, or a Curse?

“Indeed, You have made my days as handbreadths, And my age is as nothing
before You”. (Ps 39:5)
“Wisdom is with aged men, and with length of days, understanding”. (Job

A few years ago, I remarked to one of my girlfriends that my body may be aging, but my eyes and mind still ‘see’ and ‘think’ with the same youthfulness as when I was in my twenties and thirties. Not that maturity and life’s many experiences haven't had (and continue to have) its impact on the quality of my thought processes, but it is as though my mind has not really caught up with the ‘physical’ aging that is taking place. Due to 'good genes' and hair colour (dye), I manage to look a bit younger than I actually am, but my body’s sometimes unanticipated and unexplained pains always let me know just how OLD I am becoming.laugh

What are some of the issues associated with aging?

Including ‘unanticipated and unexplained pains, and slowness’, one can add:
-Uncertainty about one’s ability to manage future expenses;
-Concern about the future care of one’s children/dependants;
-Fear of being alone;
-Health issues such as cancer, heart problems and Alzheimer’s/Memory loss; and
-Death itself.

But aging does offer some benefits. “Reeeally?” is what you might be thinking about now, right? hmmm Well, from my perspective, “Yes, it reeeally does”. professor
As I have aged, my experiences in life have caused my level of wisdom and understanding to increase, my confusion and anxiety about my past mistakes and future challenges to subside, and my dedication to God and value for life to become more fervent.

No, I haven’t figured it all out. I still may make foolish mistakes, and I can sometimes become very anxious about my future regarding issues like generating enough income to meet health needs, food, home maintenance bills and so on. Also, my dedication and zeal may wane from time to time causing me to want to give up the fight.

But I can’t stop aging, nor can I dictate the future. The only way I can keep myself from freaking out is to deal with each day as it comes, trusting God for His divine Grace and Mercy to take me through to the end – whatever aging may bring.

Aging may be a curse, but it can also be a blessing.comfort wine
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All I know is that I would gladly be 18 for the rest of my days. Knowledge and experience can be accumulated anyway without the physical decline.
So...which is it that concerns you more - remaining 18 or maintaining a svelte body? grin dunno
"Physical decline" could happen to anyone these days, regardless of age, and "knowledge" does not have the same value as "wisdom".

Just saying...
Well, both, in the sense, to be 18 is to be at your pinnacle physically. After that, it is all down hill. Fast, I found out.

Wisdom comes with (is a consequence of) experience, I think, and I did differentiate between knowledge and experience.
Good blog... thumbs up thumbs up
Hi Didi wave

If what someone said "only the good die young" is true, then I suppose aging is a curse.
I often think (in my seventies) what I wish I would have understood in my twenties or thirties but grateful now for what I think but still don't know.
If that was true Kal, then I'd have to agree with you, as that would mean that those of us who don't die young aren't any good. But, thankfully, it's not true.grin
hmmm uncertain
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