Today's been one of those days..

You know the type of days. Where things start off bad, gets better during the day only to implode at the end. One of those days you just want to forget.

This morning, my scanner-login didn't work, so my supervisor phoned IT to hear what the issue was. The issue was resolved quickly - my password had expired. I got a new password, which was my previous password, and then I went on my way.

The day got better from there.. Well, up until 3.30 pm, where the entire system decided to just stop working. Nothing worked, and it still didn't work when I went home at 5 pm. We couldn't process new orders, because the system crash was so bad, it affected the order screen. Luckily it didn't affect the drivers - they left at 2:50 pm.

Now I'm curious to see if it works tomorrow, or if the breakdown is so severe, that it requires days of fixing and troubleshooting.
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What will you do if things aren't up and running tomorrow?

In my experience in all sorts of jobs, it means spring cleaning duty. sigh laugh
Hopefully all ok you just have to take rough with smooth wave
Luckily, we didn't have to do any spring cleaning, because it was up and running today laugh
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