Women like to 'poach' attached men

so its official..

In a phenomenon known as 'mate poaching' – but soon to be dubbed the 'Angelina Jolie effect' – women expressed a clear preference for those who were unavailable.

Researchers Dr Melissa Burkley and Jessica Parker found that 90 per cent of women questioned were interested in a man when told he was in a relationship, compared to 59 per cent when told the same man was single.

"This finding indicates that single women are considerably more interested in pursuing a man who is less available to them."

They postulated: "This may be because a man who is attached has already shown his ability to commit and, in a sense, has been pre-screened by another woman."

ok i am married. and have kids. anyone now! doh
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they probably see it as a challenge.
This is just human nature. I think when you are in a relationship you exude more confidence which in turn attracts others. When you are single there is often a layer of insecurity that comes along with meeting new folks. I think it works both ways, for men and women.

Also, I think people have their guard down more when they know they are not on the market. They dont have to worry about all the little quirks that go along with dating and trying to find someone, or being appealing to others.

I dont know about that statistic about the 90%, I just find myself suprised sometimes when I would have originally pegged someone for being single, and then I find out they are in a relationship. This gets the little hamster wheel running in the brain, and makes me wonder- What quality does this person have that I dismissed? and sometimes I think.......Really!? confused How does the most antisocial person on the planet get into a relationship and I'm not?

But it most certainly doesnt mean I would try to be with them, or that I would pursue them. No No....

Everytime I have ever been in a relationship, It does seem as though I get hit on alot more than if I was single. It seems like people come out of the woodworks then! Sometimes its a saftey net, sometimes its a burden! cheers
I can't hardly believe this is right here in black and white! Thanks for validating what I have thought to be true for decades. A long time ago, I had never felt a "part" of the dating crowd, just kind of a tolerated pet of some kind or another. Then I met a girl I fell in love with, a real doll, and we set up housekeeping and went out to the local bars and taverns. All of a sudden, I am THE cutest, THE most handsome boy in town--the fave of all the gorgeous girls. (Caused some friction with my lovie...) Now, where were all these ladies when I was single? I was around all the time. Hmmmmm........nothing more desirable than a man who is attached to somebody else. Why is this?confused
i am married with kids. still no chics for me doh
I don't want to venture out on a limb with an unknown strength, but in your country women (as I understand it) are not liberal--seems very traditional, etc... so it would be unlikely that a woman would pursue a man in India, at least not like they do here, and doubly so not an already married man. So,,I am a bit confused about you saying you are married, but still no chics. Well of course not. Culturally, that sort of thing doesn't go on, because if it did, and don't take this the wrong way, but you would be a good catch, I think. It's not the same. and if you are happily married, why would it matter? confused
mr. pitts so the truth comes out....so really that is your daughters pink bike! cool
Mr. Pitts likes to yank people's chains. He's not married. grin The pink bike is his.

Rohaan I love your comments!

I think that men who are in relationship (and maybe women too) seem more desirable because they give off a different vibe. There is maybe more confidence there because they are not "looking for anything". Or maybe because the man has been with a woman for awhile, they emit a softer energy? I don't know...dunno
haha Miss Venus...I know youve been hiding out..... but I havent been living under a rock! I know the deal! laugh

Mr. Pitts likes to think hes a joker, but really the pink bike is just him getting in touch with his feminine side! cool laugh
I know, Miss Drea, don't you just love that about him?heart wings laugh
oh dear god! m turning into a woman uh oh
Aint it grand, Mr. Pitts? rolling on the floor laughing Actually you are much to virile and masculine to ever become a woman, and you have not passed the initiation into womanhood. You must watch one dozen romantic comedies or movies that feature strong, independent women (take notes). You must have a good cry ( essential to the cleansing process and preparation for next step of initiation) . You must prove to be an accomplished multi tasker, you must be able to listen to endless whining from emotional friends, you must be able to bring home the bacon and fry it up in a pan.....there's more...but I don't think you are ready for it yet. (tongue firmly planted in cheek...giggle )
Jesus Christ! Venus i do all those things roll eyes
1- I have watched what women want
2- I am a good cook. (nd this does not mean boiling water!)
3- Multitasking - m a master of it
4- I can actually spend hrs in the mall with a woman chose her hand bag!!

ok. m a gone case . doh
Welcome to Womanhood....bouquet
ooooh...you can cook and you know purses! Damn mr pitts come to florida laugh I have a cooking curse and also a slight obsession with shoes and purses cool
Hi Miss Drea! Mr. Pitts seems like he could definitely help you cook....grin he can show you his best recipes. giggle

Maybe he will even give you a ride on the pink bicycle to go shopping!laugh

(just take a picture for me, will you?)laugh
rolling on the floor laughing

Aww I missed you so much Miss Venus! You are like the other half of my brain.....always filling when I am drawing blanks grin

Glad you are back in action cheers
lol Venus. i actually did that with someone. the bicycle ride thing doh
Awwww, like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid? Did she ride on the handle bars like Katherine Ross did in that movie? What a romantic....(swoon)

You know Mr. Pitts, I can't help it, when I read the title of this blog, I keep picturing a man in a skillet of water being poached like an egg. Weird....crazy

Are you enjoying womanhood yet? Are your boobs growing?
well sort of. but it was not in some scenic countryside. it was lol outside a bar and me drunk!
well most men are poached anyways by women. first while trying to get them. they r probably half poached. when they get. well they are baked, fried, deep fried tossed up and down. my womanhood was temporary. m back to beer guzzling (with a lot of grunts to remove the woman thing!!!)
laugh laugh Yes, being a woman is not for the faint of heart! flirty shimmy
Love it, Venus! By all means, Pitts, do NOT have the operation! (it's not like you can take it back, you know!) a side comment, if you guys don't mind--I understand the angst of a man (I'm being serious) feeling like he's a woman trapped, etc. etc. but the o*gasm part? I cannot imagine a man giving that up for any reason. And no matter which way you want to look at it, the dudes are gone after the procedure. How could any man give up that much of life?dunno
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