flower day

today i will send flowers to random people so if u get flowered by me, consider it a gift and pass it on to sum one else, that might cheer them up!bouquet
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Chococherrie..i can only imagine you sent also to me. Thank you in advance. Hope it's personalized. I'm so sexy !grin banana

Have a nice day !hug bouquet
i did send u one..its only a daisy pure like me heheheblushing
Good Idea choco.
I like that. applause you cheering me up.
Ok now I got flower from you.I will give it someone.hug
somebody gonna be happy with flower.
Pink...admite it ! You want to send it to me !grin yay

Thanks Choco !bouquet
I could get one maybe...or not...uh oh





Here you are bouquet bouquet bouquet and I baked a cakefor you.
Have A great weekend.
Love ya.teddybear
Wizard.hehehe bouquet bouquet bouquet andhug
Have A great weekend.
love ya.teddybear
choco sorry about.....hijack your airplane...
cheers cheers cheers
u all are flowered xxx
Woowww...thank you...grin
bouquet bouquet bouquet
ran out of flowers or what? ... I ain't transparent u know ...

mumbling mumbling mumbling
We can only send 3...grin
The idea was for others to pass on the flower...grin

well I'm new here,but I ve received already some flowers.
Such a kind girl this Choco, you look like my friend Minnie , you know ?laugh love
uve been fl;owered
good idea wish i could get flowerd sometimes
you too choco with my great pleasure , you sure dont have any relatives amongst mice ?grin kiss
what an awesome idea choco, if nothing else it will bring a smile to someone's face. Love It!!!!!!!!!hug
Lovely idea, Have sent you a flower to brighten your day as well! bouquet
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