My last day on this little island that takes a 30min walk around it! The cabin I stayed in was suppose to be vip?? Well according to indo vip standards haha! On the second night of my stay was kept awake my indonesian karaoke, full blast! 3rd night they had the head of police stay in my cabin, because the over booked!and it was a 2 room cabin meant to share!! They did not explain to me! 4th day the place ran out of beer! The island sure has beauty but its a place I would call off the beaten track! Not what they show in the brochures! The food was shait!everything way over priced and the wild life had no respect for my privacy!! snooty cat jumping through the window! Chicken constantly crowing and a gecko stuck in my beer glass, drunk!! I'd give this place a 3/10
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sounds like fun to me, you could of saved money by eating all the wild life specially the marinated gecko!some people see lemons others see lemon n paeroa.roll eyes

while reading the blog i was expecting some action after the 3rd night but the script went the other waywink

Next time come to Aus Choco, anyhow glad you survived your stingray trip i guess only a bad holiday can make you appreciate when you have a great one.: cheers thumbs up wave tongue
Its not a self catering so I can't cook! Why eat animals when there are food? Even if its not the best I had! Eating geckos last resort smile
Some!!! Excuse me? What kind of action?
Waf! A trip to oz would be pretty expensive! I'd rather do the islands and rav or complain about them hehehe

3rd night when the head of police stayed in your cabin, i expected the script going towards finding your dream man, and the how hollywoodish it could turn out to be and you ending the numbers as 10/10thumbs up
Some! The title says reflecting not happy ending! What kind of woman do u take me for? snooty

Reflecting has to be good! that is what i thought of u!angel

if the heading was refraction, i could have agreed with the whole scriptyay
Hi Choco! wave New hair style? wink

Btw, sounds like nice place to stay but suck management. That's pity. Where is the place?

I like traveling and like to compare place to place. Actually if Indonesian people want to tidy up things and think for better way to give more convenience to tourist, Indonesia will be one of the best place to visit. It is now and will be better if we do some good management.

Once I visited Sabang Island in Aceh. Wow, I can say it's beautiful. More beautiful than a sea side I visited in abroad which I thought it was one of the best already but Sabang is truly beautiful especially the under sea view. However, there is no a good management to make sure that a tourist like me, who can't swim, feel convenience and have a willing to try the snorkeling. When I was abroad, there were some guards who will take good care of us, in case we have problem with swimming, cram on leg, or panic attached. Sabang don't have. I was scare to dead but still go snorkeling. laugh
I'm glad u shared your experience with me summer! I won't say the name of the island yet! Till I'm gone! Next year thailand for me
sounds like u had an awful awesome time...confused

The 2nd night u should have joined in all the fun,

The 3rd night, maybe the head of police had been pre warned about u and that is why he stayed in ur room.

The 4th night running out of beer shows that LOTS of others were having fun.

As for the Gecko stuck in ur beer glass, luckily for him there was no beer otherwise he would have drowned.

The wildlife just wanted there peace and quite back.....

Gees u just be pleased.....rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

Take care Choco....wave wave wave teddybear
Where are you darling ? LEMBONGAN ??
Choco, stay home stay safe...use PC to explore the world...laugh
What about sex in the shitty hut? Before marriage?
At least u can walk barefoot and get no footrot!
I don't blame you for waiting until you leave the place before naming the place. After all, the chief of police was there, so he knows where you are! rolling on the floor laughing
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