before and after

yep beauty is only skin deep? try cutting deep enough

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after is better ... at least, if one puts a bag on her face, he can still have fun with the tits ...

in the before she looks a tad like an iron-board....

uh oh uh oh
if shes happy , why worry wave
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing wave Choco,,, Me thinks the Plastic artist had one hell of a bad night with his girlfriend and decided revenge was the only option on womankind... rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
form, glad that got ur attention
v..dunno if shed happy!she cant look sad with all that botox
HMMM!! After looks a bit like...redclown
wine bouquet
stonyrolling on the floor laughing

u do .. perhaps, more than u think/would like uh oh

ahemm .. my most sincere apologies...

am outa here .. uh oh uh oh
i think they look kinda cute, from the ankles down. wow
In the movie's world, I think nearly every major actress has had plastic surgery.....I don't care a damn! But it would concern me if ordinary people did contemplate it - not thinking of it, are you Choco dear? scold laugh wave

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Embedded image from another site

ps ~ I don't think you need it! You're a natural Hotty!!!
love banana yay peace
gosh some of those after shots are scary , but if they feel happy inside with there mask on , why stop them confused
stony wow islands in the stream
v, is anyone stopping them? how do you know they are happy? why do people go to the circus and watch freak shows?
st elmo, nope not now anyways, i would never say never! but this is just a bit extreme, theres a blog about beauty is only skin deep and just see how far people will go for beauty
Typical ugly girl complex.rolling on the floor laughing
in the end its like why do people keep coming back here , and why do I keep getting invites from women who want me to join me on cam ...I've jumped on my cam and its no more ...banana
choco, you just killed my dream...

Im never gonna be beautiful ...moping
growing old gracefully....Isnt that what they once said... ?
not growing old ridiculously.. !!!rolling on the floor laughing
hey v..urs is a total improvement wave wave
bo..u have killer looks!dancing
cal yes indeed, i just want good health
wow, the after looks like an anime with a distorted expression uh oh
Ohh Choco but not my Rambo please! i like Silvester even now when he is old. grin
Choco, you look amazing, just as you are. Don't change a thing!
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