strengthning families

started our 7 week course today at strengthning families

when i first walked in i was like oh my god what have i let myself in for but it was so nice to meet ther parents that is in the same or at least very similar situation as i am with my two eldest and it was a mixture of single mums, single dads and couples so was nice, was a real eye opener

today we learnt about love and limits where we were told its k to set your kids limits and give them rules but to also remember to show them love aswell

they give you a test at the end and i realised that i set enough limits for my kids and show them enough love so its balanced but at the same time i can be a bit of a pushover which i need to learn to stand my ground which i put into practice today, i felt so bad doing it and my son kicked of big time but after he had calmed down he came down and apologised and i stood by the fact that he is not allowed to do his football match on sunday due to bad behaviour all week

really enjoyed it, cant wait till next week now xx
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Having raised difficult boys, I can attest to the challenges involved in setting limits, assigning consequences -- and standing by those limits and consequences. It really "is" a balancing act. But it is also a "very" necessary act. And it is also important to remember that after consequences have been handed down, that a child's behavior be reinforced by your love.

It gets more and more difficult, I found, as they get older. Different ages, different challenges. But always a balancing act.

I have one boy, now almost 37, who still acts out. He is bipolar and ADHD. What a combination! We are presently in the middle of a battle of wills, that has gone on for several months, without speaking to each other. I still send him emails letting him know I love him, but remind him that things will not change until his behavior changes.

I hope your classes continue to benefit you and your children.


i used to be a teacher/educator for early childhood development while i was finishing my university and i learned how to educate them. i had autistic kids under my supervision. it was really interesting experience, being involved in education. please share another information after your next meeting/class. id love to learn about it as well. only if its ok with you.
i will defiantly keep you posted about the course, i think next weeks group is about house rules, there will be one about consequences aswell

thanks for your comments xx
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