Old friend

I had a nice surprise today. Leaving the office building after 8 pm and the traffic was still worse. It was raining too, so I asked the taxi driver to drop me at a mall as I was starving. Went to my favorite restaurant for bbq rib. And yes, I did have a bottle of corona beer

I was waiting for my order when a cute man smiled at me. I recognise him immediately even I haven’t seen him for years. hug

He was my best pal when I was still a teenager. He was also my neighbor, but his parents got divorced and his Mom took him to Bergen, Norway. crying

We lost contact when his step father passed away around 10 years ago, and his Mom moved to Madrid, Spain.sigh

We chatted like he never left. My pal works as interior designer in Madrid, Spain. He and his partner have good business, still a small company but with a good profit. I am proud that he is a successful business man. wine

Unfortunately, his partner who is a good looking man didn’t like me. He thought I was going to steal his man. Err, no way, am his friend ... no more. Actually my pal's partner was more my type ... if he was straight laugh

I tried to explain my relationship with my pal’s partner. He was a bit calm, but I wasn’t too sure. Should I tell him that he was more to my type than my pal was? Not a good idea doh, unless I was going to start world war 3 rolling on the floor laughing

So I regretfully didn’t finish my yummy dinner. Fortunately, I finished drinking my corona. I told my pal that I had to go. He wanted to take me home, but better not after seeing how murderous the face of his partner was. sigh

Alright pal, it’s better not to disturb your relationship with your partner. I love you as a brother hug , but your partner doesn’t know that. roll eyes

Wish you all the best and hope to see you both when your partner understands me better. Don’t forget to invite me at your wedding, will ya. wave
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