I was shocked to hear one of the managers’ spouse, Mrs. R, passed away yesterday late evening. She was only 44 years old with 2 young children. She was too young to die. Said that she got a heart attack. sigh

Went with couple colleagues to pay respect to the belated Mrs. R and her family this evening. It was really sad to see Mrs. R’s Mom who cried almost non stop. blues

The first child of Mrs. R looked tough but the second one looked sad. Poor little guy. Fortunately he had lots of his friends who supported him. Bless the kind hearts hug

Hope GOD will take care the belated Mrs. R and her family.
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Yea sad. Smoking, heat, stress?
Too young thats for sure.
R.I.P.sad flower sad flower

Mizzy teddybear
rest in peace sad flower

Am not sure the cause of death. Someone said that it happened so sudden dunno
@ Aswina: Yes, Rest In Peace for the belated Mrs. R sad flower
@ Whiteiceland: Thanks, hoping GOD will listen our prayers bouquet
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