Family Party

Had to accompany Mom to my cousin’s wedding party last weekend. It is usually my brother's duty, but he had a job, so I was his replacement. roll eyes

I didn’t like going to any of my family wedding party as there would be questions from the family about when my turn is. Hmm ... I don’t turn anywhere ... just go straight dunno

The wedding reception itself was a blast. There were too many people that intimate conversations were limited. What a bless grin

But still sigh, there were several aunts and uncles who said that it would be my turn soon as am too old already. Excuse me, confused Am mature not old blushing

Alright Mom, it will be back to your son's task to accompany you to any family wedding party in the future. I resign for good laugh
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I did like to attend family's wedding least until 8 years ago before my uncles, aunts, or even cousins asked when would my turn belaugh There was one this month (my cousin's and darn he's younger than melaugh ) that I luckily had to pass due to my coughgrin

I understand your feeling if you were in such situationcomfort Things are beautiful in its time and hope your time for your wedding will come true soon angel2 wine bouquet
hi Mizzy wave

liked and used to going to wedding parties alot back home.

aunts and uncles can be frustrating sometimes.....hehhehe...your time will come and i know you will have a blast too during that special day of your life. goodluck. hug
Ok! So Mizzy_S! when are you going to get married? grin
We only live that long you know: and I want to come for the wedding!grin hug handshake

Boni wave

Hey, I don't mind going to any friends' wedding parties, but not for my family's. Will put note about getting sick when there is a family's wedding party. Good idea thumbs up

Thanks for the wishes, will send you the invitation when it happens giggle

Hi Shaywave

I prefer going to my friends' wedding parties to my family's. The first one is much safer for me laugh

Thanks for the wishes grin

Hmm, good question about when I am going to get married. The answer will be dunno

OK, will send you an invitation for my wedding party when it happens. I might have to do an email blast laugh
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