Missing My Buddy ...

Have you ever realised that you have been missing something or someone in your life? daydream

Dining with friends of mine last weekend and shared funny story until a friend got us talking about something or someone we have been missing in our life. moping

It’s quite depressing that we agree not to discuss further. I was the only one who thought how silly my friends were ... why do we miss something or someone. confused

Then during the taxi ride, I realised what I have been missing as I didn’t find it during the dinner. sigh

I missed one of my old buddies whom I can talk everything. We are being apart now and nothing can change the fact that we have become different persons. sad

I do miss you, pal. sigh
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hug can I be your new buddy?bouquet
I know what you mean MS; I lost my best friend at the tender age of 25 - we had studied, worked & partied together for the best part of our growing up years. We invaded bars/pubs, fought, double dated, got locked up (extreme mischievous timesgrin), played music together(Simon & Garfunkel style)! Why even crashed a few vehicles together!frustrated Never did find another friend on a similar wavelength!mumbling mumbling
can I be your new buddy?{/quote]

That's so sweet laugh Thanks! giggle

Yes, that's what exactly what happened to me too. So I was not the only one who is missing her old buddy. Unfortunately people do change. Some are for better and the rest are... dunno
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