How to find the right owner?

Working until really late today. I was the last person except the security who left the office floor. Did remember that I had to get some cash to pay the taxi fare. yawn

Didn’t pay attention when I entered the bank hall as it was deserted. Then I saw the bundle of cash from the cash machine. shock Someone withdrew the cash from his/her account and forgot to take out the cash! uncertain

Who is the owner? How do I track him or her? Should I report to the bank? confused

Did have the similar situation months ago, but it happened in the mall area and the person hasn’t gone too far that I could call her to pick her cash. giggle

But now, I didn’t know the person before me. How if I gave the cash to the wrong person?uncertain

I decide to report this to the bank tomorrow and if no one claims the cash nor provide the right answer for the amount of the cash I found ... I will donate the cash to a non profit organization which educate the street children. Is it a wise decision? dunno
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hang on to it and see if any one comes to claim it , or

it could be a tip left just for you banana
Your decision to report it to the bank is the correct decision Swan.

I applaud, and admire your honesty applause bouquet
hi mizzy wave
if you dont keep it as a gift to you from the banks then donate it as you said but just dont give it back to the banks conversing

Have called the Customer Service of the bank and asked how to find out the right owner if someone forgot to take away his/her money after withdrawing from a cash machine. The staff cannot guarantee they will find the owner.

So I now have to choose the non profit organization to donate the cash. Am not rich, but I don't believe I am entitled to spend the cash myself laugh

Thanks to my parents who have taught their children well laugh

And yes, I always try to be honest even it's a hard thing to do.

Hi itchywitch wave

I cannot keep the cash as it is not my own. Will choose a non profit organization this week to donate the cash. I won't give it back to the bank as they cannot promise to give to the right owner.
If you know what time you used the bank machine, the bank should be able to tell which customer used the machine just before you. But it seems strange to me that the previous person didn't grab their cash. I like your honesty. I once found $200 in a car at work and I turned it in to lost and found.
in australia you would take to the police, if its not claimed after some months then the police give the money back to you
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