The importance of friendship,,do you value Friends

Friends are like a four leaf clover good luck
Hard to find,,
but lucky to have,,,,

I would like to say thanks,, merci a mon amie,,Dumps,,hug

You have a place in my heart,, and now my bar,,bartender

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Happy St Patricks Day irish good luck irish teddybear
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Hello Livin'

Friends are like a good person...
Hard to find...
difficult to preserve.
And that's what friendship is mostly about ! grin

Salù !cheers
Happy paddy s day toya too mon ami.wave
Awww, merci pour votre amitié! hug

Looks like the heart has been misshapen after such a long journey! blushing

Maybe you could twist it a little to shape it more like a heart again?

Be careful, the strings are not so firm! laugh
i love my friends there the best thing that ever happened to me
wave deMarotte

Friends are a lot like relationships,, they need to be nutured also,, Thanks for stopping by handshake
wave iamwhoiamyousee
merci mon amie,,hug Bonne journee
wave Dumps,, merci,, I will try to re shape,,, with care,,
Hope the writing nerd is going well,,hug
wave still
Its important,, to appreciate,,value friendship,, handshake and a good basis for relationships hug Take care mon ami
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