Hi Folks,, just a few words,,,,from my hospital be

thanks for all the greetings,, so kind of you to think of me hug

Operation went well on wednesday,, feeling ok today,, but still not allowed to eat yet,,

Hope to be back on form soon & back to the blogs ,,

thanks guys for your support hug hug teddybear teddybear bouquet
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Livin wave

Take care and get well soon!

bouquet teddybear good luck
wave alonerdo Thank you so much for your kind words hug kiss
Livin, get well soon. teddybear bouquet
Livin wave
Good to see you up and about... or at least blogging laugh
Speedy recovery to you! hug

you need some flowers? bouquet bouquet bouquet bouquet

and some hugs? teddybear hug teddybear hug teddybear

Get well soon.

Blogs to quiet without your input.

z wave
wave Shay,, Thanks girl,, keep blogging hug teddybear
Sound health and fast recovery Livin hug daisy bouquet
wave Sleep,,, still bed bound,, not allowed to move yet,, but the 3G key works a treat,, when i have the energy to use it hug teddybear bouquet
Dear Livin, Sooooo glad you are alright and it went well . Take care and get better so we can have you back again . We miss you when you are not here . . . . hug
wave Z,, just gentle hugs plse,, flowers not allowed in here hug teddybear
wave Aswina Thanks for the wishes hug teddybear
I am just glad everthing when well
wave Frankie hug missed ya,, I will be back,, but only in small doses for the momment,, hug kiss teddybear
Hi Living,

Omg!! such a good news, im happy to finally hear a good news applause

I wish you fast recover bouquet
wave terbear57,, me too,, not out the woods yet tho,, need the results back from the lab,, another 10 nail biting days,,, and the hospital diet i have to follow barf
wave Lazly thanks girl hug kiss
Get well soon flower for you livin...wave
Embedded image from another site
Dear Livin, Small or large doses, it doesn't make any diference . We will take what we are alotted . Anything from you is always welcome . . .kiss
waveru4eva thanks for the beautifull flowers,, I will try come look at them each day,, not allowed flowers in here hug teddybear
Livinteddybear So glad to hear that your surgery went well, recover soon, cause we miss you here on the blogs. Take care and God bless.

teddybear teddybear teddybear
Livin, Lachicabonita says hello. She hopes you get well soon.
@ Shay hug lach,, hope shes ok,, confused thank her for the kind wishes
wave Sugar,,, thanks for your kind words hug teddybear
Lachi can't be here at the time being. Some cs issues. She always sends her regards to you Livin.

take care of yourself & make a speedy recovery good luck

wave Felix,, thanks for your kind wishes hug teddybear
@ Shay,, Hope it all gets sorted soon,,, teddybear
Dear Livin,teddybear my brave girl. Great to see you here !!! and good you feel fine today and that you are hungry.laugh Good recovery and stay in contact.angel2
Come back to us asap! hug bouquet
Great its all going tickety-boo Livin banana cheering

As we require your assistance and expertise.. wink hug

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hi, fairly new here but read some of you postings and wanted to send get well thought and prayers your wayteddybear sad flower
wave PrimaveraPrague will do girl soon hug teddybear
good news rose drinking
wave spdspd Thank hope to be with you soon fighting fit hug teddybear
wave Yash124g

wave Brazil et firas

Thanks for all you good wishes,, think i have over done it for now,, be back with more news as soon as i am able take care my friends and KEEP SMILING hug teddybear
take careangel get well soon !teddybear
Hi there, just want to add my wishes for a speedy recovery.

God Bless and get well soonbouquet handshake
Livin...Yeah!! Get up and get back here!!laugh
Speedy Recovery and see ya then!!!rose rose rose rose rose rose rose rose rose rose rose rose teddybear
Got your e-mail glad your doing okay talk with you soonteddybear teddybear teddybear teddybear teddybear
heart wings heart wings heart wings heart wings heart wings heart wings sonn ull be back on ur feet
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