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Once a dog now a prosthesis,

I went to an outlet store for some summer cloths for my daughter! We had a nice time. It was pretty much fun.

I was standing in a queue for cashier and man step on my little toe, it was terrible I have asked the man if he can take his foot away. He look at me and took the leg but he told to my face " I don't think I owe you any apology as far as the leg is not human"I am sure he simply said he had a prosthesis and so it is not human and it is all right if you hurt with it and walk away?Because it is not human, yeah right, I can understand in human leg but his heart made of what stone? sigh

What is wrong with people these days?

So for me it is mental toe Sunday!

Have a good Sunday every one I just finished big bowl of ice cream just triple chocolate.

teddybear teddybear teddybear

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Awww....Zeurich, I'm so sorry that the man was so mean to you hug comfort hug


Where's my share of the yummy triple chocolate ice-cream in a big bowl??? very mad very mad very mad
I would have stopped on his other toe....and said I don't owe you an apology because I'm a woman....and a rather bitchy one towards misogynous men... grin cheers what a butt head...

For you dear!
Enjoy the ice cream! bouquet bouquet bouquet bouquet
oh you wanted that too do you like chocolate ice cream my dear? Sorry dear why did not you ask me in advance. That man ah if I see him again I will step on his good leg with a heel will see what he say then...cheers cheers
Theresa you are brilliant that is what I felt when I am home,,, cheers how was your Sunday dear?
You know Zeurich, I love ice-cream of all flavours grin
wave Zeurich! It's been a lovely day! While my niece's husband has been doing so e work in my kitchen we went and laid out by the pool for a bit! Were taking a break...sun is to hot...and well go do it again! Maybe go to the beach! heart beating

How's your day going after getting home!? Sounds pretty good with all that icecream!
hi Z_ch
until one figures out how to balance that particular energy, such incidents may occur regularly. you may also have noticed some events are repetitive. blah

Have a wonderful day.
Sorry to hear about the new pain but don't fret too much, it is an old toe.
doh laugh wave
@mimi for sure I will another bowl for you okay and I now I know how to please yougrin grin

@Theresa after being home very good me and my daughter Mimi eat ice cream and went for a boat ride and took 4 bags of cloths from my daughter to the community center. Some one will use it who ever needed. Feel happy cool cool
@bhadra laugh laugh Thank you for the advice! Yeah sure I will keep that in mind. That was not you right grin grin

@cat foot - he hee comparing to your antique toe mine is old laugh laugh still not antique yay yay Sure I will keep it safe!
Sorry to hear about this rude guy... you should have kicked him in his knee caps! One for me too. Enjoy what is left of your Sunday. yay teddybear hug
Hello Zeurich wave , I fully understand your predicament. I have ms, have to use a cane to walk. I m still fairly active, but am somewhat slower with using my cane. I am amazed very mad , how rude and ignorant some people can be. I pride myself on manners, and being polite, but that is wearing thin. When in crowded stores, I side step other shopper, smile and excuse myself, but there are a lot of people who give me dirty looks and expect me to jump out of their way, at least I haven't swatted any of them with my cane.
I d better sign off ,I starting to complain, you have a good day,yay
Hiireunion Welela how are you my dear! Oh I enjoy my big bowl of Ice cream, yeah people can be very nasty rude and ridiculous, that is there own missery,,, yay yay I had an Ice cream Sunday.

@ ItoIto- ah I know some times people can be very naughty may be he was jealous that I have two sexy legs...laugh Have a good day Itowine
Hi Z wave applause Sorry about your incident earlier blues You seem to have been in the wars alot recently with one thing or another moping

Bet the ice cream helped you feel better though and calmed your frustrations banana banana banana Chocolate and ice cream are my 2 biggest favourites of all food {junk} But Oooooooh so delicious.

Enjoy the rest of your day grin teddybear teddybear
Hi Zeu my friend, why does everything bad happen to you? First the dog bite, now your toe,,,shame I feel so sorry for you. I'm sure the ice cream was some comfort if any??comfort comfort
wow you must be a weirdo magnet is that family now after their daughter died ? wave
@val may be not a good time for me,, so I was careful today val

@wallops oh yeah ice cream made me better

@vigro read my next blog!wine
Hi Zeu, You should have kicked him in his "not human leg" to see if it was real!rolling on the floor laughing

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