Does True Love still exist ???

Is there such a thing as real true love anymore, or does it just reside in one's wallet ..???

been single now for 8 years ..of which I haven't dated for the last 2 years ... why haven't I dated for the last 2 years ... the 30-45 plus girls that I attempted to date in the 6 years proceeding really put me off!! here are a few reasons off the top of my head ...

1) can u help me ..just need to pay my ....I'll pay u back
2) my kids are hungry...
3) I like the finer things in life ... you need to pay for it...
4) I don't have money for a ...mechanic, plumber, electrician, locksmith !!
5) I don't sleep with guys just for fun!!... but we can go out next weekend and you can treat me to something nice ...!!
6) Don't wanna go camping ... let's get a hotel ..u can pay!
7) I know u took your ex to that ... why don't u take me ... ??
Cool my ex-used to...
9)my ex-used to buy my kids...
10) I'm out of airtime...
11) I need a ride...

And all this time opening doors for her ...kissing a** .. the money flowing out your wallet like there's no tomorrow .... you feel like a slave ... shes standoffish but throws a treat your way every now and then ... but never intimate stuff!!

guys --- how many of u heard these ones before ??? ...... and how many of you are still falling for them ...haha!

If a woman is over 30 and doesn't enjoy sex ... or is holding out ...saying what a nice guy u are etc ... shes playing games ...she knows ... it's her body u want ...and she'll use that fact to get what she wants ...give it a month ... she'll make a comment like ... let's be friends ... (meaning ...she doesn't fancy u just not rich enough ..not good looking enough ...or shes got better prospects in mind etc, etc. )

so here's my next girl ...she'll pay half for everything, pay her own way....go dutch so to speak --- they are genetically related to the guy that is supposed to be paying ... you have your car broken? a mechanic (that's their job) I don't call u when the dishwasher is broken... Now every woman reading this is thinking ''what a jerk !!!'' ... why??? I'm not asking you to come clean my house my car door for me ...or feed my kids .... you want to be equal to men ...this is 2018 where people eat tide pods, not 1918's your chance!!! I haven't asked you for a cent ...haven't made you do anything ... keep sex off the table and let's go out !!! you can choose !! and if u think sex is a chore ..go out with a girlfriend if you feeling lonely! We were created with different equipment for a reason .... to copulate!!!

Now tell me I'm going to find someone !!!????? so back to my original statement --- DOES TRUE LOVE STILL EXIST?? being a nice guy makes u a smuck , a sucker, at the end of it'll end up walking home with your d*ck in your hand -- alone! Not saying be a bastard ... just share everything and stop being so pathetically easy!! ( that was a comment to the men)

who here will date me? Haha !!! it is ok ... life ok on my own.....peace

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Oh dear! I said all those above to my Arty! uh oh uh oh uh oh

Oh yes! From no 1) -11) drinking
hi Buddy,
Come on now, not all women are like that. I don't know what kind of women you're knocking around with but no well reared woman will ask her lover for money or anything else; in anyway not before they have much bigger plans for the future. And by that time you should know her finances well enough to know when to take your wallet out.

But if you go fishing for women half your age you can expect that sort of thing. Why else would a young woman sacrifice her youth for old coots like us. It happens, but they are few and far between.

Sorry to be so straight but that is the way it is.
sorry Mimi
But you opened yourself for a full broadside salvo.
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
If you dated over 45 women in that period, there is a good chance that you are not very choosy about who you go out with, so therefore you can't complain if they are not looking for the same things as you are.

In future, maybe be a little more discerning in your taste. Get to know them better first, and that way you will see if they have the same goals in life as you do.

Best of luck bouquet
Catfoot applause

I prolly need to take cover now, eh?? grin

Molly reunion
Mimi!! reunion
Eish, feel like men are going through pms.laugh

Why so many complains? Is it the Valentine bug bugging you. It's just another day.

Just think. This was written by a very special troll.

"Love is a measurement of emotional value placed on someone. Love is the willingness to make a personal sacrifice for another, without expecting something in return. The stronger the love for someone, the greater the loss to ourselves we willingly absorb. "

So who's loving or not understanding love here.dunno doh
At 61 years old have you not yet learnt that a woman half your age is not really completely in love with your moobs , bald batch , enlarged prostrate and changing your incontinence pants...

Home help is very time consuming and unfortunately expensive

When May dates December, there is one thing each looks for

December looks for spring

May looks for Christmas
It is up to you to determine someone's character and suitability for a relationship.

With the other complaints - simply don't be a walking wallet and maybe don't look for someone that could be your daughter agewise. handshake
May looking for Christmas? Hummmmm, I feel like such a fool. I really thought Mimi was in love with my "MOOBS." Now what???? dunno "Oh" those Asian women and their "wiley" ways!!!!!!!doh
Oh jeez Art come here so I can box your ears roll eyes

If you are telling me you dated 45 girls until you found one who thought you were Christmas and all her wishes come true in one package, well then you were a LOT luckier than you deserved to be boxing

You two are the exception that proves the rule and you know it.


So the 2 best things about Christmas

Santa having a full sack

And how he knows if you've been naughty ...

uh oh

Lolol! I do know it and I'm very lucky to have her.banana banana banana
Buddy4you the women you described in your blog resembles scammers.
You are incredibly lucky to have found each other and we all hate and envy you laugh

Still getting your ears boxed for making me think you were offended rolling on the floor laughing

Now, i better keep my mouth shut. laugh
Yes true love exists.

Looks like you've been taken by users. Love yourself then love finds you.
You sound desperate, and that is why you attract such women...roll eyes
Only Sentimental scammers and accidental Interlopers laugh roll eyes

Its all about drama These days uh oh
Buddy, before go out with next a lady, go ask if she can imagine stay an island with you with none a money, and she saying yes, then go out! ??
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