"Bad boys, bad boys. What you gonna do, when they come for you..."

Apparently flip & spill your guts to the prosecution about Trump. thumbs up

Every mob boss has a 'fixer' to 'clean up' the problems encountered.
Usually, that just takes threats, but more than occasionally, that includes stepping outside the law to do so,
and sometimes that includes much more than threats.

Like the mob, Trump asks for pledges of loyalty. It is widely reported, that James Comey, formerly of the FBI,
was requested to give such a pledge to Trump.

Comey instead, sidestepped the question.

One can bet, that Trump's former attorney, Michael Cohen, was also asked for, and gave such a pledge.
Indeed, Cohen has functioned as Trump's 'fixer'.
Cohen's main business is a taxi business. But, he also holds a law degree from a very minor law institution.
Some have referred to it, as the "worst".

So, when Trump needed someone in the legal field to walk the line on the border of law and intimidation,
Cohen was the man of choice.
He was also likely the man of choice when threats outside the law were the order of the day.

Cohen was the man who paid off Stormy Daniels to keep her mouth shut about Trump's affair with her,
while Melania was pregnant. He also paid off another woman who also had an affair with Trump.
It is probable that he also was the man who either actively threatened people, or arranged someone closer to
the mob do so.

Stormy wanted to tell her story of the affair to let people realize the real Trump. However, she was 'influenced'
to take the bribe to stay silent after a man in a parking lot complimented her on her daughter and stated,
that it would be a shame if something happened to her mother - a classic mob line.
Several women accused Trump of inappropriate s*xual contact, including an underage girl who allegedly
was violently raped by Trump despite her pleas to let her go. All those women received similar threats
of their life to get them to drop legal charges.


Suffice it to say, that Cohen probably knows a lot of dirt on Dirty Don and he was probably instrumental in
the 'fixing' of it. The FBI raided his office with a very special warrant. One that can only be obtained,
with strong evidence of the guilt of ongoing crimes. That raid not only obtained lots of files, many shredded,
but also over a dozen cell phones.

Every raid of that type in the last 10 years has put that person behind bars. This one probably has more
than enough evidence to do the same with Cohen and he likely knows it.
In the past Cohen has literally said, that he would take a bullet for Trump.
But more recently, it is becoming clearer, that Cohen is instead likely to flip and spill his guts on what he knows, in exchange for lesser charges and/or sentencing.

It is well known that Trump has mob connections, especially in the concrete business. Will that bullet
that Cohen stated he would take for Trump, actually be inflicted by Trump's mob connections before, or
after the trial ?

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Panorama here actually covered this this week on Trump's behaviour and how every woman who made a statement about his behaviour towards them was called a liar.
Denial and labeling it as "fake news" is his usual way.
He's the most dishonest person to run for president in the US
and considering the field, it says a LOT !

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