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School girl crush.

What do you call a school girl crush when the girl isn’t a school girl anymore?
Because now my crush feels like love, something I never braced myself for
Our age gap wouldn’t matter in a few years’ time
But as for now you’re too old
Sounds harsh
But to be blunt is to be cold
I don’t know if I can trust you to be 100% straight with me
If you’ll love me or just want the badge of being with a younger girl to soothe your vanity
But to think such things about you may mean my feelings just aren’t true
A little girl seeking attention from those who might disapprove
Spending a month at your house reading and writing poetry
And how poetic it was when you whispered goodnight to me
When I uttered the idea to my friends they said that would be taking advantage
But now I’m 18 and it’s still you I long to be with
Your eyes deep blue
It’s Intense when you stare at me
because i can see the pain you went through and not just their beauty
We’ve only hugged
But I dreamed we kissed
It isn’t wrong to want to be with you is it?
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2012
About this poem:
I wrote this a few months ago when I came back from a month at my old English teachers house, umm he was helping me write poetry for my coursework :) because he werent teaching me anymore i thought i could get better help from him... and i did :) i got 3 A's for coursework alone :D

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Comments (4)

Please take a look again's time for you to show(extended version)
About this poem...makes me feel you have a crush and brush with who is reading this poem !!example ...Me!
There's this girlish charm and viewpoint that is gone by the time u(we) get older ...and age and forget that memories .
So it still fresh and blunt with no subterfuge on your part u understand what I said? Err ...i Dont ...sounds very mature thing to say....confused hug
Ah me think that this schoolgirl crush still lingers within your emotionsprofessor Lovely writehandshake M.M
Lool i think i understand :/ lool kinda and oh idk maybe its just that like the feelings in the poem are presented far larger than in life loolz conversing cheering thanks for reading :3
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